söndag 16 juni 2013

hey!Usually my bf do breakfast for me each day (yes I'm very spoiled) today he didn't have time so I had to do it myself. So here is a tip of the easiest and fastest breakfast ever. Boil a egg,cut some slices of salami,put on a plate,eat the egg with some caviar(my caviar is kalles,typical swedish).Tada!haha usually I eat much more but since I felt bad yesterday I haven't had that much of appetite. Today is the Guinness record on pokerstars,1 dollar buy in!Think the sign up will last 1 hour more until it's completely full!hurry up!
my breakie
I just found this old photo of me and my brother,haha!this is in Rome 5!?years ago,the time goes so fast!We lived in Italy for a couple of months together in Florens. This is when my interest for poker started,thanks to my bro!

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