onsdag 5 juni 2013

Hey!I just started my work day with some music from dread mar and a cup of tea.I also downloaded cantasia (a recorder for my computer)and a new kind of alarm clock. The recorder is to record my game while playing,and the alarm is to keep track on all tournaments that I need to sign up for. Unfortunately all this new stuff makes my computer run slower than slowest...it may be time to buy a new computer!And since it's my birthday soon I decided to give myself a nice present.Anyone have advice on what brand to buy or not too,feel free to comment.
More things are happening this week, my brother and girlfriend will come to join us here. We will have 3 weeks with grinding and hanging out,can't wait!Sunday is my birthday and I will have the day off,first time in a long time. I will also make a well needed visit to a hairdresser,right now my hair has hit rock bottom...I either hide it in a big knot or under a cap,like this pic;)haha not so nice,time for a change indeed.

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