onsdag 12 juni 2013

hey cyberspace!I just finished watching my brother play and went to bed, too tired to open my eyes.My brother has a new fan,my dear bf who just can't stop talking about poker. He is in that "in love" stage we all feel in the poker world. You start to become a winning player and the whole poker world is at your feet;)hehe,cute.My day didn't go so well but I get so much inspiration watching my brother play,I'm not giving up!While I'm laying here I will give you a tip of something good and healthy to eat (always thinking of food;))lol
 Tomato soup and deli plate
How to make the soup;
tomatoes+garlic+onion+herbs+water+butter+cream+white wine!
The deli plate is just some cold cuts and some goose terrine on the top.Together these 2 make a perfect combo.

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