söndag 30 juni 2013

home sweet home

I just came back from a dinner with my bf and his family,his granny turned 83 years today. Right now I feel a bit sick after all food I stuffed myself  with,even though it was delicious. My new hobby for the moment is to browse internet and look for decoration and furnitures. I remember not too long ago when I used to sigh out of boredom when my friends talked about their new sofa e.t.c. Now I can't wait until I buy my dream house and get to decorate it with all this beauty out there. Funny how things can change ha?!:)good night!

interesting living area (via pinterest)
fresh and sunny (via // pinterest)
I love this atmosphere
mint & milk
attic home office with window seats (via DigsDigs)
rustic bricks

onsdag 26 juni 2013

I thought I would upload some pics from the weekend instead of writing a too long post. It was nice to get some energy boost and added laughter.Just what I needed after this downswing that will celebrate it's 2 months in a few days. Too bad we had shitty weather,otherwise I would just say it was the perfect weekend.
tapas and wine
apple pie and coffee

delicious apple pie 

candy station
Niels and Niclas

therese at the fun fare
Eve got a new pet:)

tisdag 25 juni 2013

I've been wanting to write so much,but the latest days stole all my energy and time. My friends made a quick visit and we had a full schedule. Today I woke up 8.00 for the first time in months!!I had a meeting with a group of entrepreneurs and marketing people here in Eindhoven. My dream of opening a place is getting closer each day and I'm so excited. There will be a new part of the town that will open a food-court and a shopping-court next year. They are interested in young entrepreneurs with a heart for eco and near produced food which my heart beats for.But so far it's all in a planning stage and that is good since I still want to play poker for some time!Here are some inspo pics of how I would imagine my place to look like!

fredag 21 juni 2013

happy midsummer!

here's how we spent the day so far. time to continue the celebration with an hour of acupuncture! 

happy midsummer

today it's midsummer in Sweden,one of our most popular tradition. We drink and celebrate the fertility and dance and sing. I just love this!My friends arrived today to spend the weekend here and celebrate with us.I need to bring my traditions to a new country each year,so this is a first for Holland.Tonight I want to get drunk singing dirty songs in swedish:)happy midsummer people!This pics are from Punta last year when me and the girls lived there!

I always wondered why people make such a big thing out of their vacation.Now I get it,vacation is the upbeat in once's life.We always need to have something to look forward to,not being bored with our life's. We need changes,not too big not too small.Maybe a new furniture,a pet,a haircut and not the least a vacation.I'm extreme when it comes to needing changes,I think I'm addicted to it. I been living a life,kind of vacation 24/7 before I moved to my apartment. Now when I finally am settled down I'm in desperate need of a vacation.How strange isn't this?I can't stop thinking of a beautiful beach,a cold wine and delicious foreign meal,a skinny dipping late night.For the first time in many years I haven't even planned my vacation yet...I hope I will have a big upswing in poker soon so I can plan it!Here are some pics from our wonderful vacation in Greece last summer.

onsdag 19 juni 2013

sorry bout the lack of updates,it hasn't been happening that much of interest. I think I needed a new approach to my lack of energy so I just took a break from my daily life.In the midst of poker,working out and spending time with dear-ones I suddenly realized I need a change.Still unsure of what the change is,hopefully it will change my downswing in poker 2. I went to the library to borrow a book about self improvement,deep thinking,psychology...I guess you get the point. But to my disappointment there where no English books in that matter, and the woman trying to help me didn't get what kind of book I meant. So after this week,that will be full of friends and party I will start focusing on myself again.My bf leaves to Istanbul in less than 2 weeks and so does my brother + girlfriend (to France). Will be a big change going from a full house to being all alone. If I had money I would pack a small bag and travel to a nice place for a couple of days. Do yoga everyday and eat fresh food and get loads of sun.

söndag 16 juni 2013

hey!Usually my bf do breakfast for me each day (yes I'm very spoiled) today he didn't have time so I had to do it myself. So here is a tip of the easiest and fastest breakfast ever. Boil a egg,cut some slices of salami,put on a plate,eat the egg with some caviar(my caviar is kalles,typical swedish).Tada!haha usually I eat much more but since I felt bad yesterday I haven't had that much of appetite. Today is the Guinness record on pokerstars,1 dollar buy in!Think the sign up will last 1 hour more until it's completely full!hurry up!
my breakie
I just found this old photo of me and my brother,haha!this is in Rome 5!?years ago,the time goes so fast!We lived in Italy for a couple of months together in Florens. This is when my interest for poker started,thanks to my bro!
I woke up with headache,went through the day in relative darkness and dizziness. We spent the day shopping for my brother who totally went wild,bought up like 2 stores and have done enough shopping for the upcoming 5 years...lol...as you can figure his poker is going great.My success is yet to come,I've been waiting long enough now.Today it also got decided that my man will be away for 2 months,working with modelling in Istanbul. Pauline was happy to announce that she will take his place for a couple of days though so I'm both happy and a bit sad.Next weekend 2 dear friend will make a short visit here and I will have some days off from poker. Today we ate the most expensive tuna I ever bought,really good though and some strawberries as desert.
Marti and me had a coffee while waiting for my brother to empty the store!
The tuna and strawberries

lördag 15 juni 2013

Today we were supposed to go to Luxembourg,but  decided to stay home last minute. My brother and girlfriend went alone and are spending the night there. Luxembourg used to be one of the riches countries in th world with a BNP of 85k euro a persona!!The poker today went under all expectations so I will not write further about it.Right now my bf is heating up some leftovers and we gonna watch a movie.
TumblrThings that make me smile :) / bahahaha

torsdag 13 juni 2013

My bf is out exercising,my brother + girlfriend is out eating and I have the apartment totally for myself. Today is a grey day with rain so it's perfect for grinding. I been dreaming every night for a month "almost" about poker so after waking up I still had a game theory in my head and needed to try it. So here I am sitting with my first tournaments to start. When I first started to play poker professionally I dreamed of it every night,eventually that stopped and not until recently I started to dream about it again. It's strange,but I guess normal because my life consist of 80% poker...hehe..I'm still getting used to my new haircut,totally forgot how annoying bangs can be to have.Especially when you have to have it out of your eyes while playing...not the smartest move to make now afterhand...well well...guess I have to get used to have hair in my eyes. Today pokerstars celubrate their 100 billion hands with a special promotions value of 5,000,000!!crazy!So don't miss it!!!

onsdag 12 juni 2013

hey cyberspace!I just finished watching my brother play and went to bed, too tired to open my eyes.My brother has a new fan,my dear bf who just can't stop talking about poker. He is in that "in love" stage we all feel in the poker world. You start to become a winning player and the whole poker world is at your feet;)hehe,cute.My day didn't go so well but I get so much inspiration watching my brother play,I'm not giving up!While I'm laying here I will give you a tip of something good and healthy to eat (always thinking of food;))lol
 Tomato soup and deli plate
How to make the soup;
tomatoes+garlic+onion+herbs+water+butter+cream+white wine!
The deli plate is just some cold cuts and some goose terrine on the top.Together these 2 make a perfect combo.

tisdag 11 juni 2013

Today we where blessed with another sunny day.As my bf was working out in the park I lay in the sun tanning.Right now we are 4 people in our little apartment,3 which are playing poker.It's cosy to have a little mini poker house:)hopefully 1 of us will have a big cash out later on...

måndag 10 juni 2013

I had a nice cosy birthday,not much party but taking it easy and just relax. My brother and his girlfriend arrived 2 days ago and we been walking around town and enjoying the weather. I will play little poker the following days,want to take a look at my brothers game instead.Today hasn't been that exciting,we woke up,exercised and ate food. I also took some polas of my beautiful man. He is probably going to do some modelling in Turkey this summer and needed to update his photos.Now I will play some tourneys before my brother will start his late night grinding.

lördag 8 juni 2013

Today we spent a day in the city and sunbathing in the park.I finally got my haircut and even though it's not exactly a la brigitte I do like it!Now we are gonna have a evening coffee,watch a movie and wait for my brothers arrival!

fredag 7 juni 2013

Update from Rio

I'm still alive and well! I have had some different projects going on and been completely occupied with that. Aside from a lot of yoga and poker playing and studying I have attended different online seminars about diagnostic nutrition and I'm thinking of becoming a functional diagnostic nutrition counselor. Even though I love poker and it's a great job, it's not something I see myself doing in the future. I love everything about nutrition and to work with helping people improve their life would be amazing. There are some online courses you can apply for, but what I really would like to do is attend one of the newly opened schools that teach the opposite of what the conventional medicine and nutrition teach, with a paleo-whole food approach. The schools are located in the states though so that's something I would do in a couple of years. Until then I'll continue to soak up as much info from online courses and seminars as I can. Right now I'm learning the hormonal functions in the body and what leads to hormone imbalances, it's super interesting!

Other than that I have tried a detoxing diet, I quit coffee and all milk products cold turkey 10 days ago, I only eat organic stuff and drink plenty of bone broth soups every day. I feel good, the detox effects have been pretty harsh and I've had some headaches and felt a little sick now and then but the good results are starting to show! I have more muscle definition, my boobs that used to be swollen and sore have shrunk and are not painful at all, my skin has cleared up, I sleep soo much better and I feel happier in general.

LargeTomorrow I will finally make a visit to a hairdresser.My inspiration is Brigitte Bardot and I wish I could have her nice blond haircut...lets see how that will turn out:D
Today the sun is shining and me and my bf just made a big dinner together and will soon start playing.I love fridays!This weekend I will not play much poker but be back on monday I guess!