fredag 24 maj 2013

Yesterday and my adventurous boyfriend

After a working hard this week I had half a day off yesterday. In the evening we had one of Ians friends and his girlfriend over, they live in Australia but are here on vacation now. We started out with pre drinking here and then we went to Baixo Gavea and continued the drinking. There we also met up with the guys other childhood friends and the rest of the evening turned in to a reunion with lots of catching up and hugging. When Ian started to play hide and seek with me I decided it was time to call it a night.

You never know what my dear boyfriend will do the night of heavy drinking, but there is always something. Like in NYC when we went to sleep together and then I was woken up by him banging on the hotel room door, naked. He has no memory what so ever of why he left the hotel room in the first place or what he was up to. Last night he decided to climb our bedroom bookshelf, as you might guess it didn't go as planned (whatever the plan was), the bookshelf tipped over and everything smashed loudly on the floor. I woke up thinking there was an invasion or something and asked "What the hell is happening?!" I got a "I don't know what you're talking about", then he casually tried to walk over all the stuff on the floor like nothing had happened, slipping on and breaking stuff.  When he got out of the bedroom he ran as fast as he could to our guestroom, where he decided he was spending the remainder of the night. Man if I could see what was going through his head during all of this.

I still haven't decided if im working today or not. I'm gonna get something to eat and see if I feel a little better :) Have a nice day!

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