onsdag 1 maj 2013

Yesterday and Avicii

Had such a fun night yesterday! Me, the Swedish girl and her Brazilian girlfriend started night with pre drinking at Baixo Gavea and then headed to a club called 00. At the club I ordered a glass of wine, he opened a bottle, poured some of it in the glass and then gave me both the glass and bottle. I apparently ordered a 30 euro bottle of wine, that I also had to walk around with.. Needles to say I got beyond tipsy yesterday haha.
At the beginning they played Samba music and  then they switched to good old clubbing music, ranging from 10 years back until now, so many songs brought up memories from the high school parties. It was pretty crowded so we got a table and to celebrate a little extra we ordered in Champagne, they had a "safety rope" to prevent people from coming up to our table, it was funny to see the guys suddenly get super interested in chatting with us and hoovering over the rope trying to get in.

Today bf has got us VIP tickets to see Avicii, his friend is playing at the same festival. We're still deciding whether or not to go, i'm hungover and bf want's to watch an important football game. We'll see what we decide to do..

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