torsdag 23 maj 2013

this is me

I don't think I ever did a post explaining who I am. I mostly write the daily typical things and a lot about poker and food. Basically that is what my life consist of but I thought it could be interesting with a bit deeper post.I was reading through my horoscope and saw that many things do explain me quite well.So I will copy some text from the horoscope and do a sum up!here we go!

"They say that a Gemini is a person with 2 personalities. They are often perceived as very outgoing and curios. They are changing constantly,not only their mind but their persona aswell. Highly intellectual and full of ideas and thinking constantly.Also known to be superficial and in need of attention.They want to know everything and be a part of everything,which makes them jumping from one thing to another.It takes a lot of effort to make a Gemini feel comfortable and they need exchange or a challenge from other people not to get bored. They have no problems to be social or mingle and are often perceived as very outgoing and talkative. Some people get confused with the superficial and talkative sides and twins can often be taken for not so smart,when they indeed are very smart.They are often persons with a big personality that you never are bored with. They love to laugh and are not judgmental but very open to new things and cultures"

So,the text does fit me very well.Indeed I recognize the 2 personalities that Gemini are known for. Some people know more of the laid back,little shy and not so talkative side.While other people would describe me as the total opposite.I do change very much,mood,ideas and opinion!I hate to wait and get really inpatient while getting bored.I get bored easy,think that's why I been living in more than 10 places the latest years. I love to see new places and experience new cultures.It makes my mind work and give me a challenge thinking of ideas and adventures. I'm constantly thinking and I would love to see myself as an entrepreneur even though I never realized my ideas. As my sign says I have a hard time finishing stuff and I'm jumping around from one thing to another. I don't really have a problem being social but opposite to my sign I do prefer my own company. I like to have a few close friends than a whole bunch of superficial friends. If I'm in the right mood,I can mingle and talk but often I get bored because the people aren't really that interesting in the end. I would rather prefer to play poker,watch a movie than be social.Thinking about it I guess that comes more with age and different interest. My younger me could go out every day of the week not getting bored,I guess I found a more peaceful side of me.

I'm not judgmental at all and I love learning new things and see new cultures. I'm proud to come from Sweden and a society where genders are more equal. I do think some religions and cultures are negative towards eachother. Being an atheist is a choice I made from early years,growing up in the village that had most churches in Sweden made me question religion early. I don't believe in any higher power and I don't believe in people who think they are better than others. I respect people with knowledge and wisdom and do believe that there is a meaning that you meet some people. I think we can learn something from every individual we meet,good or bad.I have a hard time to forget and forgive injustice. I can act nice to a person that I don't like out of respect but I will never forget if they did something I did not like.My closest people in my life is my family,specially my brother and sister. Being my boyfriend is a hard task since I don't let people in to my life too easy. But I guess if you know me you will see I'm very loving and have a big heart.I'm not a jealous person but if someone give me reason I can be very jealous,usually I try to avoid these persons. All in all I'm a pretty nice and open minded person,people usually like me or they don't know me;)

So now you have an idea about me!Now I will play my beloved poker!

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