lördag 25 maj 2013

The feelgood trick for poker players

Whenever you win a poker tournament you get a rush, endorphins and adrenalin are released and you get sort of a "high". It's a truly remarkable and rare feeling. Psychologists recommend to use "triggers" every time you're really happy or experience this "high" (like when you're riding a roller coaster or win a contest etc.), you should pick a spot on your body, maybe the palm of your hand, and push it. Whenever you feel sad, and you push that same spot , it will release these endporhins and you'll immediately feel better. I use this trick, but instead of a trigger point I have a trigger song, which is "The best" with Tina Turner. Every single time I win a tournament I play this song while these hormones are released through my body. Often when I feel down, I go for a walk and as soon as I put this song on, I feel much better. It's so fascinating what our bodies and minds are capable of.

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