måndag 27 maj 2013

People quite often express surprise when I describe my job. I bet you earn loads of money is a common comment,I just smile. I would never ask people how much they earn but people seem to assume that it's perfectly fine to ask me that. My brother thinks I'm being stupid when I get annoyed about these minor things. I don't know,but asking people about their money situation is kind of rude to me. However I know that being a poker player is a very different  daily job,and still many don't even see it as a job. Another comment is-can you make money out of it?In one way I'm happy that it's a different job and that I feel unique doing it,in another way I wish that it was considered as a real job. Some people I just want to give a big punch but then I realize that the main reason why they are asking is not knowing better. After calming down,having a stable thought process it don't even come off as bad and I largely forgotten what kicked off my temper in the first place.Just lately I become more obsessed with my game and the thought about my future. I still want to open my own place a cafe or small restaurant, but until then I need to be the best I can be. I should be happy and not worry to much or doubt myself but everyone can fall into that mindset sometimes.Now I'm starting my day with walking for an hour and then playing poker!have a fresh start of the week people:)
Rio de Janeiro 2013

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