fredag 17 maj 2013

Messy morning

I've been trying to make coconut milk from scratch for a while without any luck, today I decided to use both the blender and the juicer, failure was not an option. The whole process took my entire morning, not only did I cut myself trying to open the damn coconut but apparently I didn't wash the blender  enough after making cauliflower mash a week ago so the whole thing was infested with larvae. I didn't see what they were first so I picked them out with my hand, realizing they were moving I screamed loudly and almost started to cry, bf had to come and remove them. Yikes. After that I continued with the milk making and messed up the entire kitchen. The results were fine though! Don't quite know if it was worth it though, all that work and time for half a jar of coconut milk..

Ah well, now I'm gonna continue this hardworking week. Ciao!

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