lördag 25 maj 2013

I woke up with a headache and stayed in bed until late.My wonderful man made me tea and pancakes for breakfast and it made me feel a bit better.He's going to a festival today,unfortunately not my kind of music so I'm having an evening for myself. I will watch TV and play poker, eat food and drink tea:)Dutch TV do have some English channels that suits me pretty fine TLC and ID.Then you have a channel with 24hours cooking,but it's in Dutch.To me still sounds like a strange languish although I'm learning slowly. I took me about 5-6 month to understand Spanish and Italian so I'm hopeful!Was considering taking lessons,but the fees are pretty hefty and since I'm still settling down that will have to wait. From my understanding of it, I will be able to understand a lot within 5 month for sure!It's funny how big the world is and how many languages there is (7300)(yes I googled it)?!?!pretty cool! Anyway,my head is hurting a lot so I will take a painkiller and get some rest!have a nice weekend folks!here are some pics of me and my man we took last weekend,the only day with sun:D

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