onsdag 22 maj 2013

I just did a workout with my bf and will now play some small tournaments and have a pretty chill evening. I'm still focusing on few tables at time and hopefully I will learn something from that!We decided last week to have a strict schedule this week,focus on poker and training. Wake up not later than 10.00 and do a 1hour powerwalk and exercise on top of that.Playing the remaining 12 hours and studying.Well,it's pretty dumb to give yourself less than 7hours of sleep,firstly.So that didn't work.Monday we went to a birthday party so we didn't even play,today we slept until 12.You see,i'ts hard to follow rules.Especially for me since my sleep is the nr 1 priority! Playing until 02-03 and going to sleep 04 wont ever get me up at 10.00,another lesson learned.Do make goals,but keep them realistic!
So,the weather forecast promise us nothing but grey skies and rain.I'm playing poker this week!

a little flexing:)

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