fredag 10 maj 2013

hey folks!hope you all feeling better than me,I'm in bed with curtains closed and a wet towel on my forehead.Been up and forth all night with a huge migraine as company.Not very comfortable,looking like anything but a hot poker pro.The problem with the whole "moving together" thing is that you see the absolutely worsts side of each-other,with a big point at worst from my side this very moment. Think my boyfriend is a bit confused since he don't get that I'm in big need of massage,chocolate and tea. My emotions are in a huge battle and my feeling sorry for myself emotions has taking the worst out of me.sigh.
It's interesting how big of importance a comfort food can have when you sick. For me it's almost always chocolate that I'm craving like a crazy person.It's proven that carbs and sugar can increase serotonin levels which means that you will keep running back for more. This makes us connect the feeling good reward feeling after each time eating this.It has a huge emotional impact on us!In sweden the best chocolate is called marabou,it's on my top craving list.
OK,enough, I'm going to try to sleep a little.nighty

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