onsdag 15 maj 2013

Having your own place is so much different to how I used to live,vacation rentals,staying at friends,family and hostels.Finally I have my own little safe house and it's really something that I needed in my life.However the money I used to spend on travels,eating out etc is all going to things related to my apartment. My next salary is gonna vanish in a second. I need a bike,a coffee machine a stationary computer, a blow-dryer, and a lot more I can't remember now. Living with my man is a dream,we get along so good and I can't imagine it in any other way. Today I just did a powerwalk (the weather is bad so I will wait with photos) and a workout for 40 minutes.And now I will play my poker!have a nice day everyone.This is me right now,yes I had better days:)

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