tisdag 7 maj 2013

Busy times

Sorry for not updating so much lately. As I wrote a while ago I go through different periods, right now I'm in a poker period. Whenever I'm not playing I'm studying or thinking about poker. Yesterday there was a big storm here in Rio so the electricity was off, which meant I had an unwanted day off and actually had time to go to the store (eating nothing but eggs for days is not sustainable). When it started working again in the evening I headed straight to the computer and worked until 2 am.

I did however promise myself to balance the "taking care of myself" period and the poker period so I have been going to the gym, doing yoga and gone for long power walks pretty much every day. This morning me and babe went to the gym. I was at the "mat" section doing some pull ups when I looked to the left and saw Vincent Cassel doing an intense ab workout, a little starstruck and surprised I continued with my workout, only to see Monica Bellucci laying down to my right preparing for a leg workout. We do live in the "Hollywood" of Rio but I still get surprised every time I see a celebrity here. After a longer session than usual (hehe) we headed back and I started cooking like crazy. I made paleo liver pate, Swedish meatballs with cauliflower mash, almond milk and a big batch of paleo bread. It's so nice to have food in the house again!

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