tisdag 21 maj 2013

birthday and applepie

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Niels sister. I got to meet the mayor part of his family and relatives and eat good food and listen to dutch all night.I was a little worried to meet the whole family but it went fine,even though I understand like 5% of their languish;) After my abdominal region expanded to the point with everything sweet I ate I felt a bit sick. I have the bad habit of keep on eating if I can't talk or get involved in conversations.
Most of this day has been spent on taking pictures of our apartment. The owner want to have "before" pics if we would happen to make a big disaster while living here,I don't blame him;) Right now I will start working on my game again!here are some pics that I took today and yesterday!
Niels and his sister!
The best apple pie I ever ate
The pics of our kitchen I took today
A small but cute kitchen:)

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