onsdag 29 maj 2013

my breakfast!

Today the alarm went off at 10.00,I woke up to rain and grey weather and decided to have a sleep in.(love being my own boss)We stayed in bed until 12.00 and then did a big breakfast,yummmy banana pancakes.I just watched a poker movie about betsizing and will now play poker:)have a nice day,hope you all out there have sunshine instead of rain!Here is our breakfast in pics!
avocado and apples

turkish yogurt
homemade peanutbutter

I always have tea and coffee for breakie
pancakes made from almond and hazelnuts with banana and peanutbutter!
the chef!

tisdag 28 maj 2013

holland country side vs city

Today was a perfect day to go for a walk and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us here. I took the camera with me and captured some nice moments:)This is my daily powerwalk that I do,it's nice living in a city but being close to nature.

måndag 27 maj 2013

People quite often express surprise when I describe my job. I bet you earn loads of money is a common comment,I just smile. I would never ask people how much they earn but people seem to assume that it's perfectly fine to ask me that. My brother thinks I'm being stupid when I get annoyed about these minor things. I don't know,but asking people about their money situation is kind of rude to me. However I know that being a poker player is a very different  daily job,and still many don't even see it as a job. Another comment is-can you make money out of it?In one way I'm happy that it's a different job and that I feel unique doing it,in another way I wish that it was considered as a real job. Some people I just want to give a big punch but then I realize that the main reason why they are asking is not knowing better. After calming down,having a stable thought process it don't even come off as bad and I largely forgotten what kicked off my temper in the first place.Just lately I become more obsessed with my game and the thought about my future. I still want to open my own place a cafe or small restaurant, but until then I need to be the best I can be. I should be happy and not worry to much or doubt myself but everyone can fall into that mindset sometimes.Now I'm starting my day with walking for an hour and then playing poker!have a fresh start of the week people:)
Rio de Janeiro 2013

lördag 25 maj 2013


What defines summer for you?This is summer for me,please June give us warm wonderful weather.

I woke up with a headache and stayed in bed until late.My wonderful man made me tea and pancakes for breakfast and it made me feel a bit better.He's going to a festival today,unfortunately not my kind of music so I'm having an evening for myself. I will watch TV and play poker, eat food and drink tea:)Dutch TV do have some English channels that suits me pretty fine TLC and ID.Then you have a channel with 24hours cooking,but it's in Dutch.To me still sounds like a strange languish although I'm learning slowly. I took me about 5-6 month to understand Spanish and Italian so I'm hopeful!Was considering taking lessons,but the fees are pretty hefty and since I'm still settling down that will have to wait. From my understanding of it, I will be able to understand a lot within 5 month for sure!It's funny how big the world is and how many languages there is (7300)(yes I googled it)?!?!pretty cool! Anyway,my head is hurting a lot so I will take a painkiller and get some rest!have a nice weekend folks!here are some pics of me and my man we took last weekend,the only day with sun:D

The feelgood trick for poker players

Whenever you win a poker tournament you get a rush, endorphins and adrenalin are released and you get sort of a "high". It's a truly remarkable and rare feeling. Psychologists recommend to use "triggers" every time you're really happy or experience this "high" (like when you're riding a roller coaster or win a contest etc.), you should pick a spot on your body, maybe the palm of your hand, and push it. Whenever you feel sad, and you push that same spot , it will release these endporhins and you'll immediately feel better. I use this trick, but instead of a trigger point I have a trigger song, which is "The best" with Tina Turner. Every single time I win a tournament I play this song while these hormones are released through my body. Often when I feel down, I go for a walk and as soon as I put this song on, I feel much better. It's so fascinating what our bodies and minds are capable of.

fredag 24 maj 2013

Yesterday and my adventurous boyfriend

After a working hard this week I had half a day off yesterday. In the evening we had one of Ians friends and his girlfriend over, they live in Australia but are here on vacation now. We started out with pre drinking here and then we went to Baixo Gavea and continued the drinking. There we also met up with the guys other childhood friends and the rest of the evening turned in to a reunion with lots of catching up and hugging. When Ian started to play hide and seek with me I decided it was time to call it a night.

You never know what my dear boyfriend will do the night of heavy drinking, but there is always something. Like in NYC when we went to sleep together and then I was woken up by him banging on the hotel room door, naked. He has no memory what so ever of why he left the hotel room in the first place or what he was up to. Last night he decided to climb our bedroom bookshelf, as you might guess it didn't go as planned (whatever the plan was), the bookshelf tipped over and everything smashed loudly on the floor. I woke up thinking there was an invasion or something and asked "What the hell is happening?!" I got a "I don't know what you're talking about", then he casually tried to walk over all the stuff on the floor like nothing had happened, slipping on and breaking stuff.  When he got out of the bedroom he ran as fast as he could to our guestroom, where he decided he was spending the remainder of the night. Man if I could see what was going through his head during all of this.

I still haven't decided if im working today or not. I'm gonna get something to eat and see if I feel a little better :) Have a nice day!

torsdag 23 maj 2013

this is me

I don't think I ever did a post explaining who I am. I mostly write the daily typical things and a lot about poker and food. Basically that is what my life consist of but I thought it could be interesting with a bit deeper post.I was reading through my horoscope and saw that many things do explain me quite well.So I will copy some text from the horoscope and do a sum up!here we go!

"They say that a Gemini is a person with 2 personalities. They are often perceived as very outgoing and curios. They are changing constantly,not only their mind but their persona aswell. Highly intellectual and full of ideas and thinking constantly.Also known to be superficial and in need of attention.They want to know everything and be a part of everything,which makes them jumping from one thing to another.It takes a lot of effort to make a Gemini feel comfortable and they need exchange or a challenge from other people not to get bored. They have no problems to be social or mingle and are often perceived as very outgoing and talkative. Some people get confused with the superficial and talkative sides and twins can often be taken for not so smart,when they indeed are very smart.They are often persons with a big personality that you never are bored with. They love to laugh and are not judgmental but very open to new things and cultures"

So,the text does fit me very well.Indeed I recognize the 2 personalities that Gemini are known for. Some people know more of the laid back,little shy and not so talkative side.While other people would describe me as the total opposite.I do change very much,mood,ideas and opinion!I hate to wait and get really inpatient while getting bored.I get bored easy,think that's why I been living in more than 10 places the latest years. I love to see new places and experience new cultures.It makes my mind work and give me a challenge thinking of ideas and adventures. I'm constantly thinking and I would love to see myself as an entrepreneur even though I never realized my ideas. As my sign says I have a hard time finishing stuff and I'm jumping around from one thing to another. I don't really have a problem being social but opposite to my sign I do prefer my own company. I like to have a few close friends than a whole bunch of superficial friends. If I'm in the right mood,I can mingle and talk but often I get bored because the people aren't really that interesting in the end. I would rather prefer to play poker,watch a movie than be social.Thinking about it I guess that comes more with age and different interest. My younger me could go out every day of the week not getting bored,I guess I found a more peaceful side of me.

I'm not judgmental at all and I love learning new things and see new cultures. I'm proud to come from Sweden and a society where genders are more equal. I do think some religions and cultures are negative towards eachother. Being an atheist is a choice I made from early years,growing up in the village that had most churches in Sweden made me question religion early. I don't believe in any higher power and I don't believe in people who think they are better than others. I respect people with knowledge and wisdom and do believe that there is a meaning that you meet some people. I think we can learn something from every individual we meet,good or bad.I have a hard time to forget and forgive injustice. I can act nice to a person that I don't like out of respect but I will never forget if they did something I did not like.My closest people in my life is my family,specially my brother and sister. Being my boyfriend is a hard task since I don't let people in to my life too easy. But I guess if you know me you will see I'm very loving and have a big heart.I'm not a jealous person but if someone give me reason I can be very jealous,usually I try to avoid these persons. All in all I'm a pretty nice and open minded person,people usually like me or they don't know me;)

So now you have an idea about me!Now I will play my beloved poker!

onsdag 22 maj 2013

I just did a workout with my bf and will now play some small tournaments and have a pretty chill evening. I'm still focusing on few tables at time and hopefully I will learn something from that!We decided last week to have a strict schedule this week,focus on poker and training. Wake up not later than 10.00 and do a 1hour powerwalk and exercise on top of that.Playing the remaining 12 hours and studying.Well,it's pretty dumb to give yourself less than 7hours of sleep,firstly.So that didn't work.Monday we went to a birthday party so we didn't even play,today we slept until 12.You see,i'ts hard to follow rules.Especially for me since my sleep is the nr 1 priority! Playing until 02-03 and going to sleep 04 wont ever get me up at 10.00,another lesson learned.Do make goals,but keep them realistic!
So,the weather forecast promise us nothing but grey skies and rain.I'm playing poker this week!

a little flexing:)

tisdag 21 maj 2013

birthday and applepie

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Niels sister. I got to meet the mayor part of his family and relatives and eat good food and listen to dutch all night.I was a little worried to meet the whole family but it went fine,even though I understand like 5% of their languish;) After my abdominal region expanded to the point with everything sweet I ate I felt a bit sick. I have the bad habit of keep on eating if I can't talk or get involved in conversations.
Most of this day has been spent on taking pictures of our apartment. The owner want to have "before" pics if we would happen to make a big disaster while living here,I don't blame him;) Right now I will start working on my game again!here are some pics that I took today and yesterday!
Niels and his sister!
The best apple pie I ever ate
The pics of our kitchen I took today
A small but cute kitchen:)

White collar

- the sexiest series i've ever watched.


söndag 19 maj 2013

Sunday,25 degrees and sunshine!My favorite grind day of the week!White chocolate,red wine and salmon Indonesian style. Yumm!!!
Today I had a day off and spent most of it with bf. After an afternoon of intense studying bf took me to an all you can eat restaurant and we gorged on delicious Brazilian meat. After the restaurant we went home and watched a movie. Wonderful day!

lördag 18 maj 2013


I'm having a bit of downswing right now. It goes without saying how affected I am,crying to bad tv shows and loosing every hand that I play. So I decided to change this loosing street downwards and pick myself and my game up. So what to do?Firstly I will stop multi-tableing and focus more on a few or 1 table at time.Second I go through my game in HM review and find mistakes. Yesterday after going through an 2 hour long tournament in the re-player I found 5!!?!huge mistakes.It is shit to see this and it makes you even more sad to see that you do them.So today is another day to be efficient going through hands and be smart. I have so many needs and pressure right now and I think that is affecting my game enormously. How does other people handle this pressure of being your own boss, making money depending on your skill?!don't they ever feel like giving up and get a normal job with a salary that comes every month?Don't get me wrong,I love my job and being my own boss. Some days are just harder than other...OK,time to shape up and avoiding another contribution to self-pitty:)
RIO april 2013,finally at the famous stairs:)

fredag 17 maj 2013

Messy morning

I've been trying to make coconut milk from scratch for a while without any luck, today I decided to use both the blender and the juicer, failure was not an option. The whole process took my entire morning, not only did I cut myself trying to open the damn coconut but apparently I didn't wash the blender  enough after making cauliflower mash a week ago so the whole thing was infested with larvae. I didn't see what they were first so I picked them out with my hand, realizing they were moving I screamed loudly and almost started to cry, bf had to come and remove them. Yikes. After that I continued with the milk making and messed up the entire kitchen. The results were fine though! Don't quite know if it was worth it though, all that work and time for half a jar of coconut milk..

Ah well, now I'm gonna continue this hardworking week. Ciao!

torsdag 16 maj 2013

Today the rain is pouring down in Eindhoven and it's cold and grey. We went out to have a coffee in a huge cafe in the city centrer. The place used to be a big local for the company Philips but are now converted into a cafe. It's a nice place if you want to have a coffee and read a magazine or just watch some people,the name is USINE if you ever visit Holland;)

onsdag 15 maj 2013

Tonight's dinner

Slow cooked Uruguayan lamb shoulder marinated
in lime and garlic with steamed broccoli. YUM!

Having your own place is so much different to how I used to live,vacation rentals,staying at friends,family and hostels.Finally I have my own little safe house and it's really something that I needed in my life.However the money I used to spend on travels,eating out etc is all going to things related to my apartment. My next salary is gonna vanish in a second. I need a bike,a coffee machine a stationary computer, a blow-dryer, and a lot more I can't remember now. Living with my man is a dream,we get along so good and I can't imagine it in any other way. Today I just did a powerwalk (the weather is bad so I will wait with photos) and a workout for 40 minutes.And now I will play my poker!have a nice day everyone.This is me right now,yes I had better days:)