tisdag 16 april 2013

Yoga and Monica Bellucci

After realizing at the gym yesterday that I could even reach my toes anymore while stretching, I decided that I had to get up and do yoga in the mornings, not matter what (it's very hard for me to get up in the mornings). I put all my clothes by the bed yesterday night to make it as convenient as possible, and I actually managed to get up and go to the class!

The teacher was really happy to see me, she greeted me with a big smile and screamed "You're back!!". She is such a funny woman, she loves to do mantras and sing so that was how we started the class, if you don't sing a long loud enough she will piercingly stare straight into your eyes until you do so. After singing and greeting the sun it was time for the standing dog(?), a position that can be really difficult if you haven't done yoga in a year.. I tried to blend in and hide my incredibly rigid and inflexible self but her main focus this class was looking at and helping me. When she headed towards me I thought she would come over and adjust the location of my legs etc, but no, she put her hands in front of mine and then climbed up on me, doing the dog stand on top of me with her feet on my butt (!!) pushing my heels to the floor. That woman sure has a passion for her job. After a little jumping on my butt she swifty did a front flip, back to her yoga mat, haha. During the relaxation part she cracked every vertebra in my back, followed by a massage, I must have the best yoga teacher in the world!

When I got back me and bf had some cuddle-time before work, he told me I missed Monica Bellucci at the gym (the yoga is on the other side of the floor). Okay, now he can't say anything about the actors/models I sometimes happen to check out, Monica Bellucci doing the Brazilian butt workout in very tight clothing beats them by far. Jesus, what are the odds?

Now I just had breakfast, homemade yogurt with apple, macadamia nuts and cinnamon. I was gonna have a bulletproof coffee too but apparently the maid "threw away" the jar of expeller pressed virgin coconut oil I brought from the states. I think this is the 5th time a jar of coconut oil goes missing in this house.. I had to settle with coconut milk, which is not nearly as tasty.

Ok enough blogging,  time for poker!

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