fredag 12 april 2013


Usually I travel with flight,more easy and faster.This time I took the cheaper and easier transportation,the bus!From Holland all the way to south of Sweden,15h. Late last night I stood in a freezing Holland waiting for the bus to arrive. Started to notice that everyone had paper tickets in their hand that they gave to the driver. Apparently according to the driver I wasn't able to enter the bus without any ticket.Even though  I had sms ticket on my phone he refused to help me.You'd think after all my travels that I should know this,but  since I always travel national with bus it was something new to me.After lot of arguing back and forth he finally let me enter.

One seat was available,and ofcourse it was the broken one that you can't push down. So 10 hours straight to Hamburg sitting like a stick.The highlight of the trip was when the driver heard his favorite song ,yes sir I can boogie. He looked back in the bus to see if anyone was awake before he took tune. The problem wasn't that he was singing but that he accidentally turned on the microphone. Everyone was sleeping until the heard a german voice singing along...haha,when the song was finished people could barely hide their laughter and started to whistle and giving him applause the driver didn't speak a word more.
When I finally managed to fall a sleep I got a sudden awoke by a huge police guy screaming in I had to show my passport.After the experience we arrived in Hamburg where we changed driver.The journey kept on and suddenly we stopped again,this time the boarder police. Everybody had to get out of the bus and take their luggage with them into a special room. In the room each and everyone was questioned. The policeman looked into my bag and suddenly asked me with a creepy german accent -shoouu likes the salami? I looked at him surprised,wait a minute did he just ask me what I think?!again he asked me the same question,if I like salami.I looked around and everybody was looking at me,trying not to laugh.-No I sad and looked at him with discuss.Then suddenly he took up 2 salami sausages I had in my bag and lifted his eyebrows.-ah yes I said embarrassed everybody was laughing.I had totally forgot the 10 packages of salami I had in my bag.I thought he was just a dirty old man...
Back on track,2 hours delayed we finally arrived in Denmark and I missed my connecting bus.Either wait 3 hours or take the train and pay a new ticket. I paid a new ticket,and will for sure think twice next time I book a bus.

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