måndag 1 april 2013

so,every now and then your life takes an unexpected turn and new possibilities and life changing things occur.Since finding out that Brazil isn't really an option we been talking back and forth.Before, being single I always could make decisions based on myself,now we are 2,2 times more complicated. Obviously we want to be together and we want to have a fair start together.So we are going to Holland.As you all figured Sweden isn't the place for me and since my bf is dutch and I will be fine wherever he is, we choose for an easy solution.For me, this is perfect I can play poker,eat good food and be with my man.At this moment in my life I don't need  more complex things to do.I want to be as good as possible in my job (poker) and as you know you can never be good enough.This year will be all about working on my game. Of course we are a bit bummed not being able to spend the time in a warm latino country  But as the time goes and we get wiser we also learn how to appreciate what we have back home.Everything happens for a reason right?

At the moment,despite everything being upside down we can still enjoy some sunny days in Rio. Tonight I'm playing a little poker and my bf is out exercising.We gonna spend the evening eating good food and drinking wine in front of a good movie.

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