torsdag 11 april 2013

Poker talk and university

It was really fun yesterday! The field is really weak, you could compare it to online poker a couple of years ago. Most players have not yet learned that with 15-10 bbs and under you should generally not raise fold and that it's better to either shove all in or fold. They do not count odds, a typical thing to see is a player raising to 2k and then folding to a 5k shove. A player did exactly that yesterday, he tanked for a while, then folded and said "nah my cards are not good enough", another player said "good fold man, some players just call there with any 2 cards, just throwing away 3k chips", they all seemed to agree around the table and nodded encouragingly towards the player (that spot is an easy any 2 cards call). Another thing they love to do is to show their cards and explain their play, many times a debate starts regarding different plays and what is the best, usually based on no math or range, more so on "I did that once and he had a worse hand so that is a good play" i.e. they are very results oriented. Here's another fun hand from yesterday: A player folded 88s on the cut off against a 12 bb re-push from the loose big blind, he showed the 88s and then the pusher showed 99s, the folder looked proud and relieved and the other players said "good fold man!". Hehe.

Both me and the French guy made it through to tonights game. I had a very healthy stack at around 70k and then I lossed a big chunk of my stack with my AK vs AJ preflop. I doubled the last 5 minutes though and now I have about 55k. My poker friend has around 70k.

This morning I headed straight to the gym and did 35 minutes of cardio, went back and had a breakfast before heading to the University across the street, that's right, i'll start studying in august! Now im gonna study some poker and chill before it's time to go back to the tournament.  

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