måndag 1 april 2013

Last days in NYC

I've been too busy enjoying the last of NYC to blog lately! These past days have consisted of cafe and restaurant visits, partying, cinema going and shopping.

Yesterday we started the day with going to a Swedish place called Smorgas chef for an Easter brunch. In the evening we met up with one of Ian's friends from Rio at the Brazilian bar we usually go to. He also has a Swedish girlfriend and her friend was having a Swedish Easter/birthday party later in the night, so after pre partying at the bar we continued to the party. As soon as we got there we were greeted by a Swedish guy dressed as an Easter-witch, then and there I knew it was gonna be a really nice party. 80% of the guests were Swedish and everyone was happy and chilled, we had a great time!

After the party me and Ian headed to a burger joint for some "fyllemat" - the Swedish term for having junk food after a night out. Drunk as we were, we giggled and half danced while eating our burgers and sweet potato fries. On the walk home we passed by some Italians, I have no idea why but from then on we only spoke Italian (which for Ian meant saying "vaffanculo" over and over). After some Italian gestures, some more giggles and some goodnight hugs we quickly fell asleep. Haha, great night..

It's late here, now we're gonna watch family guy and then it's time to sleep. Good night!

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