söndag 7 april 2013

I hate goodbyes

.. and this is the worse one ever! Last night me and Femi had a goodbye-drink in Leblon. Of course we had to run into a guy I was supposed to give poker lessons to a while ago (after realizing he wanted more than that I called it off). He invited us to join him and his date (?) for some drinks, we said we might stop by later and then kept walking. After a while we found a good place to have wine and sat down. We had a lot of catching up to do and chatted for about 5 hours, it was so nice to see her again! We are both sad about the fact that we are going to be so far away from each other from now on, for years we have been glued to each others side. We both realize it's a new chapter in our life and even though it's gonna be a lot lonelier without each other near, im sure something good will come out of it. We heard before that it's hard to come close to us individually since we already have that "closeness" with each other, this way it will be easier for both of us to meet new people and get "our own" friends. We have also gotten lazy with that part, both because it takes time and effort to make new friends and because we have been disappointed so many times by friends in the past. I know that going to Holland and find stability is probably the best thing Femi can do right now, and we're just gonna have to make the best of it. We will skype often and if I miss her too much I'll just fly there and visit!

Well it's a sentimental day for both of us, in an hour it's time to drive them to the airport and say our good byes..

After dropping them off, me and bf are ether going to his friends bbq party, or we're heading to do some major shopping for the apartment.

That's all for now. On Tuesday however there is something exiting happening, if i decide to do it. Ill tell you more about then. Ciao!

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  1. Seems like a lot has happened since last time I checked the blog. I'm bit jealous of how ur lives are so full of action. OMG :)

    Misssuecia seems like u r beating me at the tables.. I'm gonna hit back.. Beware!

    GL & seeya @ tables.

  2. thanks G:)haha see u at the tables;)