tisdag 9 april 2013

Photo shoot meeting

Finally everything is done here at the office and today it's time for the first full day back at work! The exciting thing I told you about the other day that was gonna happen today was a meeting with a magazine, which I just got back from. They want me for an editorial next week and then possibly two more in a couple of months. The photo shoot next week will result in a 2 page spread that will be shown in 10 000 copies here in Rio. Not sure yet whether do to it or not, they pay is not that good, although i'm sure it would be a fun experience. We'll see what I decide..

Alright now I loaded up with a whole lot of good music, gonna make a cup of mokka coffee and then it's time to work!

Haha, never as excited about working as playing after a long time off.

Have a nice day!

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