torsdag 4 april 2013

Drama drama..

haha, i can totally relate to this!
Getting back to the old routines was harder than i thought.. I'm having mood swings deluxe today, they always increase when i have PMS in conjunction with travelling. Bf has nicknamed me "The drama queen" and today has been one big roller coaster of emotions. Happy one second, on the verge of crying the other, want to cuddle one second, want to be completely alone the other and sooo frustrated that bf cant understand when i want one thing and when i want another without me having to tell him. After having prepared all the vegetables for today's meal I found that bf had put the pot roast in the freezer, furiously I yelled "WTF, OMG how can you put it in the freezer, HOW HUH!!?" like a true drama queen, i dropped everything i was doing, threw my hands in the air and ran to the bed to feel sorry for myself. Don't worry, it didn't take me long to realize i had overreacted a bit. Guiltily i went back to my confused bf, gave him a big kiss and told him i love him. Yep, roller coasting drama queen it is.

Now i feel better though. I'm about to study some poker and get into "work" mode. Still waiting for the computer stuff, i think its good to lay off working until i'm more stable anyway. Hehe..

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