fredag 19 april 2013

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got.

As you know I have been getting in to yoga lately, I have also listened to some sound books about mindfulness and the power of positive thinking, gratitude and forgiveness. I have been trying some of the exercises the books encourage you to do, like think and write down things you are grateful for, things you want in life and things that make you happy. I decided to dedicate the whole day yesterday to that, and to me. I started with a yoga session and then went to the gym to lift some weights (and maybe get a glimpse of Bellucci), instead of seeing Bellucci I was approached by a guy (an actor) that apparently knows Stellan Skarsgard and hung out with him and his family in Stockholm recently. If Alexander Skarsgard ever comes to Rio I know who to contact ;)

After the gym I went home to do some juicing with Ian, it was a success , he even said "I'd consider that juice fasting you were talking about". After some healthy juice I took my notebook, a pen, a book and my ipod and headed to the beach. The afternoon sun is the best! I sat and listened to my favorite music while writing down all things i'm grateful for, all things that makes me happy and all things that I want in life. Sort of planting a seed for my subconscious to strive for. I also let go of some grudge I was holding against people in my past, previous friends etc. Having negativity and bad feelings about people or the past only affects me, and provides nothing good.

I then continued to read a book about willpower and how to train it. The most mentally exhausting thing we can do is to make decisions, the more decisions we make in a day the more tired we get. That explains how I can be so tired after a day of work, even if I just sat down for hours. Playing poker you make thousands of decisions every day and I can't think of a profession where you make as many decisions in just a couple of hours as in poker. The more difficult the decisions are the more tired you get, and the more mentally tired you are, the less willpower you'll have and therefor more likely to make mistakes or go for quick and easy solutions although they might not be the best for you (that could mean eating something you're not supposed to, or not doing something you really have to).

After reading I did some breathing exercises my teacher taught me, while watching the sunset. God that was a great day, I really needed it. I feel inspired and full of energy! Right now I know I am exactly where I want to be, in a city where I can get as much sun and D vitamin as I want to, the possibility to spend time at the beach, a perfect office to study and work and living with a man I love unconditionally. I'm happy :)

Ok now i'm gonna drink my juice and finish my coffee and then it's time for work!

Have a nice day!

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