onsdag 3 april 2013

Back in rio

The last day in new york was spent shopping, bf wanted to buy a bunch of electronic stuff and I had some final clothing items to buy. After a while I felt sick and got moody (pms), bf who felt sorry for me, took me to Mac cosmetics and said "get whatever you want, we're not leaving until you have an entire new set of make up", there's no doubt i have the best boyfriend in the world.

Yesterday we got back to a rainy rio, we spent the whole day just taking it easy and ordered in food. This morning I put my favorite stay-at-home outfit on (shorts and hippie t-shirt) and begun to organize stuff. The whole place is a mess after unpacking all the stuff we bought in the states so now it's time to clean up and get back to our old routines and duties. Bf has agreed to join me on a new workout and diet schedule and we're buying gym cards on Monday. I'm gonna start a strict paleo diet, no dairy 100% organic high fat low carb, (had too much of the good stuff in NYC) and bf is gonna cut down on bread, sugar and sodas. It's also time to get back to work so tomorrow I'm getting a new stationary computer, screen and office chair, pretty exiting!

Ok now I'm gonna write a shopping list.

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