söndag 21 april 2013

Another holistic day

I decided to take another day off from poker. I did study a little but then I turned to yoga, stretching and meditation which took some hours.

Yesterday I had too many thoughts and couldn't focus on playing. I go through different periods, my main ones are the health/nutrition/workout period and the poker period. Right now im in the health one, I am (re)discovering yoga and its amazing benefits, I am listening to my body and its needs which makes it easier to provide it with the right food+ workouts and I am also having an inner dialog with myself, clearing out what I really want in life and how I can make it as fulfilling as possible.

I think these periods come cyclically, first of all because they are both time and energy consuming and need deep individual focus, secondly because if I have a hardworking and studying poker period, my health and body always seem to suffer and come in second place. Cooking and eating right is no longer a priority and workouts just seem to make me feel extra stressed since so much of my energy goes to the poker. After a while my body lets me know that that's enough and I need take better care of it.

My next goal will be on how I can balance these periods, I have written a schedule and I will try to relax and unwind as much as possible, as well as study and work as hard as I can, keeping them perfectly balanced. I also realize time i spend daily on things that are completely unnecessary, like spending time on  facebook or reading blogs/gossip etc. Watching series and movies are part of my unwinding and are completely okay ;)

Ian just got me dinner after I was a good girlfriend and gave him a massage, you should really read into the health benefits of massage and try to incorporate it in your life! Now it's time to watch some series. God my blog posts are long nowadays, haha. I'll try to cut them down!

Boa noite people. 

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