lördag 27 april 2013


Been spending these past mornings at the beach, trying to start a new routine, I power walk early to the beach, spend an hour reading/swimming and all that nice stuff and then finish with cold fresh coconut water. It's a wonderful start of the day! Too bad I'm terrible at tanning, I just get all freckly. Alright, now it's study time!

fredag 26 april 2013

being a poker player

I think you get a bit disturbed being a pokerplayer. You don't really care about fashion,why dress up when you gonna sit inside all day?You get different time and schedule friends and family ask if they can come by early tomorrow and you ask if they mean like before 12...you use abbreviations like TY,GL and UL in a normal dialogue.Me,Pauline and Niclas have our own thread on fb where we write each other daily. Often it's about poker,trouble hands but also when we have a funny youtube video (we have a special kind of humor,non of our partners really get). I was sitting by the computer reading a normal dialogue between us and started to laugh when I realized how sick it is. This was the text Pauline send to Niclas (a bit shortened)

flop: Jd8s5s
total combos on the flop: 122
desired combos to defend: 74 combos
value raise range: 88(3),55(3), FD (4)= 10 combos
bluff raise range: AxKs(3), AsQx(3), AdQd(1), AdTd(1), KdQd(1), 65s(3)= 15 combos
calling range: QQ(6), AJs(3), KJs(3), JTs(3), TT(6), 99(6), 98s(3), 78s(3), T9s(3), 76s(3), FD(5) AsKx(3)= 50 combos
flop: KsTc7s
total combos on the flop: 122
desired combos to defend: 74 combos
value raise range: AKo(9),77(3), FD (4)= 16 combos
bluff raise range: AQ(15), AJs(3), 78s(3)= 21 combos
calling range: QQ(6),KQs(3),ATs(3),JJ(6),QJs(3),KJs(3),JTs(3),TT(3),98s(3),T9s(3),FD(4)= 40 combos

here we are 3 years ago in Argentina,all 3 single and playing
 poker like crazy.In the picture is a friend of mine that used to live
in Argentina aswell:)drunk and happy!

torsdag 25 april 2013

I just arrived at my mums place in Malmö!We are watching a Johnny depp movie and eating chocolate,no males in the house just us and the cats:)Im tired after all the travelling that is starting to get to me more each time.Tomorrow is the last day in sweden so I will be busy doing everything last minute as always:)Just made a quick post to say hi!

onsdag 24 april 2013


I absolutely love our juicer! It's so nice to have a glass of juice with the breakfast. You should avoid the store bought juice, it's usually from concentrate and even if it says fresh pressed they usually store it in big pipes, sometimes for years until it hits the store. Storing juice like that rids it from all flavors, which they add right before packing it. That's why the store bought juice always tastes the same (it should always taste different, as fruits do during the different seasons). Also, all the enzymes will die within minutes after pressing it, so the best thing to do for optimal nutrition is to press it yourself.


My poker client hasn't been connecting with the computer properly so yesterday I took the day off and let Ian try to fix it. I went to the beach and ended up staying there for hours,got to finish my book and did a lot of people watching.

In the evening me and Ian went out for dinner and then we met up with a bunch of Swedes (two girls and a couple) that are staying at Ian's hostel. After a lot of wine/beer we went clubbing, me and the girls danced samba like crazy and had such a good time. It was nice of have a night off and just relax and have fun. I hope I have time to see them again before they leave! Here are some pics:

tisdag 23 april 2013

Today I was supposed to go up early,have a powerwalk,get some energy and motivation.Instead I oversleep missed out on my poker study and exercising. Managed to do a nice breakfast,hallumoi cheese ( a goat cheese from cyprys) with melon,rice cake (0% gluten) with cheese and a cup of tea.
I'm still my pj's but started some tournaments.Today it's the swedish master for girls on pokerstars,can't miss that out.

I been cleaning out and sorting my stuff here at my brothers place. Today I found an old camera I forgot that we had a couple of years ago.Found these pics of me and Pauline that must be like 4 years old or something...I remember this day,we where bored and went to our little harbour in the small village where we used to live. Thought the light was perfect to take pics in but eventually the quality was so bad haha..obv the date on the pics is not right;)

måndag 22 april 2013

The 2 minute bread

This morning I got up and headed straight to the gym, did the Brazilian butt/leg workout and then went back home for some needed coffee. The maid decided for some reason not to show up today, she has her own little schedule, so I had some nice cleaning to do (Ian told me that tomorrow is a holiday and there's no way she is going to come). After fixing the messy kitchen I brewed some mokka coffee and baked a 2 minute (!) paleo bread. It's super easy, you just mix an egg with one dl almond flour, a pinch of salt and 30 grams of coconut oil (I usually add some flax seeds), spread it out on a plate and then microwave it for 2 minutes. I'm not a big fan of microwaves so I only do this bread on rare occasions, like when  i'm having bread cravings and 'm too lazy to put it in the oven.

Did some studying before the poker and now my first tables just popped up so it's time to work!

söndag 21 april 2013

As Pauline been writing about her inner journey I'm also in a changing state of mind. Every year,month,day that passes I'm learning and developing. Being creative is the most important thing you can be and whats separates us from one and another. Having big dreams and goals and keep our imagination open is what keeps us alive. But to stay real we need deadlines and structures and some "go" in us. So until my dreams come true I need to have some stability and ground to stand on.I really can't wait to have my own home and all my things gathered in one place. In one week I'm going to Holland and as good as Sweden is I can't wait to see my bf and my new home.

Another holistic day

I decided to take another day off from poker. I did study a little but then I turned to yoga, stretching and meditation which took some hours.

Yesterday I had too many thoughts and couldn't focus on playing. I go through different periods, my main ones are the health/nutrition/workout period and the poker period. Right now im in the health one, I am (re)discovering yoga and its amazing benefits, I am listening to my body and its needs which makes it easier to provide it with the right food+ workouts and I am also having an inner dialog with myself, clearing out what I really want in life and how I can make it as fulfilling as possible.

I think these periods come cyclically, first of all because they are both time and energy consuming and need deep individual focus, secondly because if I have a hardworking and studying poker period, my health and body always seem to suffer and come in second place. Cooking and eating right is no longer a priority and workouts just seem to make me feel extra stressed since so much of my energy goes to the poker. After a while my body lets me know that that's enough and I need take better care of it.

My next goal will be on how I can balance these periods, I have written a schedule and I will try to relax and unwind as much as possible, as well as study and work as hard as I can, keeping them perfectly balanced. I also realize time i spend daily on things that are completely unnecessary, like spending time on  facebook or reading blogs/gossip etc. Watching series and movies are part of my unwinding and are completely okay ;)

Ian just got me dinner after I was a good girlfriend and gave him a massage, you should really read into the health benefits of massage and try to incorporate it in your life! Now it's time to watch some series. God my blog posts are long nowadays, haha. I'll try to cut them down!

Boa noite people. 

fredag 19 april 2013

I'm at my brothers place now,arrived late yesterday!Today went out with a bunch of friends,ate some food and drank some drinks. As nice as it is to see them I can't avoid the big headache that wont give in.Think it's all the travelling and the lack of sleep and food that makes be tired and sick. Just came back and my friends kept the night going but I had to give in. So here I am sitting with a cup of tea and the latest movie with Nicole Kidman!Tired but happy:)

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got.

As you know I have been getting in to yoga lately, I have also listened to some sound books about mindfulness and the power of positive thinking, gratitude and forgiveness. I have been trying some of the exercises the books encourage you to do, like think and write down things you are grateful for, things you want in life and things that make you happy. I decided to dedicate the whole day yesterday to that, and to me. I started with a yoga session and then went to the gym to lift some weights (and maybe get a glimpse of Bellucci), instead of seeing Bellucci I was approached by a guy (an actor) that apparently knows Stellan Skarsgard and hung out with him and his family in Stockholm recently. If Alexander Skarsgard ever comes to Rio I know who to contact ;)

After the gym I went home to do some juicing with Ian, it was a success , he even said "I'd consider that juice fasting you were talking about". After some healthy juice I took my notebook, a pen, a book and my ipod and headed to the beach. The afternoon sun is the best! I sat and listened to my favorite music while writing down all things i'm grateful for, all things that makes me happy and all things that I want in life. Sort of planting a seed for my subconscious to strive for. I also let go of some grudge I was holding against people in my past, previous friends etc. Having negativity and bad feelings about people or the past only affects me, and provides nothing good.

I then continued to read a book about willpower and how to train it. The most mentally exhausting thing we can do is to make decisions, the more decisions we make in a day the more tired we get. That explains how I can be so tired after a day of work, even if I just sat down for hours. Playing poker you make thousands of decisions every day and I can't think of a profession where you make as many decisions in just a couple of hours as in poker. The more difficult the decisions are the more tired you get, and the more mentally tired you are, the less willpower you'll have and therefor more likely to make mistakes or go for quick and easy solutions although they might not be the best for you (that could mean eating something you're not supposed to, or not doing something you really have to).

After reading I did some breathing exercises my teacher taught me, while watching the sunset. God that was a great day, I really needed it. I feel inspired and full of energy! Right now I know I am exactly where I want to be, in a city where I can get as much sun and D vitamin as I want to, the possibility to spend time at the beach, a perfect office to study and work and living with a man I love unconditionally. I'm happy :)

Ok now i'm gonna drink my juice and finish my coffee and then it's time for work!

Have a nice day!

onsdag 17 april 2013

I just came back from a dinner at an Italian restaurant at the harbor  I ate pizza :o!!!haha,yes people I do eat gluten and bad stuff sometimes;)a matter of fact we have the best pizzas ever in sweden,although not the Italian but the turkish places!enough about pizza,however it was delicious.
the place was crowded,nice to see more people enjoying a meal out instead of sitting inside their houses. Spring is coming,yey!!Tomorrow I will be going to my dear brother in the country-side to do some serious poker study.Will be spending the mayor of the day in train and buses so can't say I'm overly excited....now I'm gonna have a chilled evening with a movie and some tea.

Was supposed to go to the beach this morning but apparently bf was too impatient to wait for me and had already gone when I woke up. According to his message I looked "too tired to be woken up", my question is, how do you look anything but tired while sleeping? Instead of the beach I went to the grocery store and bought all kinds of vegetables for our new juicer(!), didn't have time to make any juice before work but tomorrow ill try it out.

This is how I found Ian last night. The room was freezing yet he had kicked all 3 quilts to the floor, gathered all pillows he could find and then laid each and every one of them in a perfect position for the highest comfort. How cute!

Time for afterwork yoga!

tisdag 16 april 2013

Yoga and Monica Bellucci

After realizing at the gym yesterday that I could even reach my toes anymore while stretching, I decided that I had to get up and do yoga in the mornings, not matter what (it's very hard for me to get up in the mornings). I put all my clothes by the bed yesterday night to make it as convenient as possible, and I actually managed to get up and go to the class!

The teacher was really happy to see me, she greeted me with a big smile and screamed "You're back!!". She is such a funny woman, she loves to do mantras and sing so that was how we started the class, if you don't sing a long loud enough she will piercingly stare straight into your eyes until you do so. After singing and greeting the sun it was time for the standing dog(?), a position that can be really difficult if you haven't done yoga in a year.. I tried to blend in and hide my incredibly rigid and inflexible self but her main focus this class was looking at and helping me. When she headed towards me I thought she would come over and adjust the location of my legs etc, but no, she put her hands in front of mine and then climbed up on me, doing the dog stand on top of me with her feet on my butt (!!) pushing my heels to the floor. That woman sure has a passion for her job. After a little jumping on my butt she swifty did a front flip, back to her yoga mat, haha. During the relaxation part she cracked every vertebra in my back, followed by a massage, I must have the best yoga teacher in the world!

When I got back me and bf had some cuddle-time before work, he told me I missed Monica Bellucci at the gym (the yoga is on the other side of the floor). Okay, now he can't say anything about the actors/models I sometimes happen to check out, Monica Bellucci doing the Brazilian butt workout in very tight clothing beats them by far. Jesus, what are the odds?

Now I just had breakfast, homemade yogurt with apple, macadamia nuts and cinnamon. I was gonna have a bulletproof coffee too but apparently the maid "threw away" the jar of expeller pressed virgin coconut oil I brought from the states. I think this is the 5th time a jar of coconut oil goes missing in this house.. I had to settle with coconut milk, which is not nearly as tasty.

Ok enough blogging,  time for poker!
Today I been running errands in town,had appointments at the hospital and made a quick stop by at my mums work.Just came back and will watch a little inspiration poker video and then start my workday!Just saw on facebook that Daniel Negreanu won the wsop APAC main event ; 1,038,825!!:O!!impressive!!here you can read about it; and we will move into our apartmenhttp://www.pokerlistings.com/wsop/apac/2013/event5/live-updates?day=5#live-update-36675

My man that I miss terrible much
t in the beginning of may.

söndag 14 april 2013

I been having a chilling day with my family today.My grandparents been here and got to spend some quality time with them.It's the first weekend in sweden for a long time without snow the told me. It seems that we arrived in europe just in time for spring.I'm soon about to play some poker and drink some warm tea:)

lördag 13 april 2013

Tumblr_ml7hbyypfx1ro59j5o1_500_largeSince I came back to Sweden I been resting and eating and taking long walks by the sea.As Pauline wrote in the earlier post I do encourage ya all to listen to Rodriguez if you get the chance.I saw the documentary on the flight here and was crying half of the time...My boyfriend wrote me today with some good news about our apartment searching. He signed papers yesterday and the 1st of may we will move in to the perfect apartment!LOVE IT!Now I will grind my favo turney and then get some more sleep!kiss
If you haven't watched the Oscar winning documentary about Sixto Rodriguez, called Searching for Sugar Man, I really you encourage you to do so! Don't watch the trailer before though, it's kind of a spoiler. Man I cried so much watching the movie and his songs give me goosebumps every time. Anyway, Rodriguez is my grinding music today, love it!

fredag 12 april 2013

Been too busy today to update. I got kicked out at 17th place yesterday, an all in repush with AQs vs. KTo. Too bad, I think I would have had a really good chance to win the tourney if I had won that hand.. Ah well, next time!

Today I started the morning with a session at the gym. It feels really good to be back, I already have more energy and sleep better at nights. Right now I'm playing some tables, taking it a little easy before I start multi-tabling like before. It takes some time to get back into the flow after being away for a while.

Okay time to focus on the poker! 


Usually I travel with flight,more easy and faster.This time I took the cheaper and easier transportation,the bus!From Holland all the way to south of Sweden,15h. Late last night I stood in a freezing Holland waiting for the bus to arrive. Started to notice that everyone had paper tickets in their hand that they gave to the driver. Apparently according to the driver I wasn't able to enter the bus without any ticket.Even though  I had sms ticket on my phone he refused to help me.You'd think after all my travels that I should know this,but  since I always travel national with bus it was something new to me.After lot of arguing back and forth he finally let me enter.

One seat was available,and ofcourse it was the broken one that you can't push down. So 10 hours straight to Hamburg sitting like a stick.The highlight of the trip was when the driver heard his favorite song ,yes sir I can boogie. He looked back in the bus to see if anyone was awake before he took tune. The problem wasn't that he was singing but that he accidentally turned on the microphone. Everyone was sleeping until the heard a german voice singing along...haha,when the song was finished people could barely hide their laughter and started to whistle and giving him applause the driver didn't speak a word more.
When I finally managed to fall a sleep I got a sudden awoke by a huge police guy screaming in I had to show my passport.After the experience we arrived in Hamburg where we changed driver.The journey kept on and suddenly we stopped again,this time the boarder police. Everybody had to get out of the bus and take their luggage with them into a special room. In the room each and everyone was questioned. The policeman looked into my bag and suddenly asked me with a creepy german accent -shoouu likes the salami? I looked at him surprised,wait a minute did he just ask me what I think?!again he asked me the same question,if I like salami.I looked around and everybody was looking at me,trying not to laugh.-No I sad and looked at him with discuss.Then suddenly he took up 2 salami sausages I had in my bag and lifted his eyebrows.-ah yes I said embarrassed everybody was laughing.I had totally forgot the 10 packages of salami I had in my bag.I thought he was just a dirty old man...
Back on track,2 hours delayed we finally arrived in Denmark and I missed my connecting bus.Either wait 3 hours or take the train and pay a new ticket. I paid a new ticket,and will for sure think twice next time I book a bus.

Still in the tourney

It's 1am and we're 19 players left, we'll keep going until there's 10 players left. I have an okay stack, around 36 bbs. Lets hope I double up and make this freaking final table, it's about time!!

torsdag 11 april 2013

Poker talk and university

It was really fun yesterday! The field is really weak, you could compare it to online poker a couple of years ago. Most players have not yet learned that with 15-10 bbs and under you should generally not raise fold and that it's better to either shove all in or fold. They do not count odds, a typical thing to see is a player raising to 2k and then folding to a 5k shove. A player did exactly that yesterday, he tanked for a while, then folded and said "nah my cards are not good enough", another player said "good fold man, some players just call there with any 2 cards, just throwing away 3k chips", they all seemed to agree around the table and nodded encouragingly towards the player (that spot is an easy any 2 cards call). Another thing they love to do is to show their cards and explain their play, many times a debate starts regarding different plays and what is the best, usually based on no math or range, more so on "I did that once and he had a worse hand so that is a good play" i.e. they are very results oriented. Here's another fun hand from yesterday: A player folded 88s on the cut off against a 12 bb re-push from the loose big blind, he showed the 88s and then the pusher showed 99s, the folder looked proud and relieved and the other players said "good fold man!". Hehe.

Both me and the French guy made it through to tonights game. I had a very healthy stack at around 70k and then I lossed a big chunk of my stack with my AK vs AJ preflop. I doubled the last 5 minutes though and now I have about 55k. My poker friend has around 70k.

This morning I headed straight to the gym and did 35 minutes of cardio, went back and had a breakfast before heading to the University across the street, that's right, i'll start studying in august! Now im gonna study some poker and chill before it's time to go back to the tournament.  

The live game is going well! Fellow poker players, imagine the gold mine here when a common comment is: "Tsss, of course I couldn't have that, you think I raise that much with 33 preflop?!" Many players only raise big if they have big hands and vice versa. Wonderful.

onsdag 10 april 2013

Time for some live poker!

I've heard the sentence "You are such a good girlfriend!" twice within 24 hours, that means i'm either an amazingly awesome girlfriend or someone is feeling guilty, hhmm.. Well I guess a top notch massage, dinner a couple of days in a row and this mornings big breakfast merits some girlfriend points!

Soon we're off to the gym for the first time in a veeery long time. It's gonna be nice to get back on track. After the gym I have a lot of study and work to do and then tonight it's time for some live poker! A french poker pro wrote to me explaining that he was staying in Rio for a couple of days and asked me if I wanted to join him for some live poker. He is doing a really cool trip, an "around the world poker trip". His current plan is to go from Rio to Sao Paulo, then to Iguazu and after that all the way up the South American coast and then finally up to Vegas, playing poker all the way. Here you can read about it: worldpokertrip.net. So tonight we're going to the poker club me and Femi always went to , to plays tonights tournament. It's gonna be interesting to hear about his trip and talk some poker! 

tisdag 9 april 2013


After quite a travel we finally arrived in Holland safe and sound!Tomorrow we have the day full booked with viewing different apartments.As nice and exotic that Brazil might be I'm in peace here in Europe. It's more fresh,quiet and nice.Today we sleept until 16.30 and we are still a bit jet lagged. As Pauline wrote it was a tearful goodbye and it's hard. Both of us have grown together and we are half without eachother.But this is a new chapter in our lifes and I'm sure it will be as fantastic as the previous part together.On thursday night I will be going to Sweden for 2 weeks and when I come back my new life in Holland starts!

Photo shoot meeting

Finally everything is done here at the office and today it's time for the first full day back at work! The exciting thing I told you about the other day that was gonna happen today was a meeting with a magazine, which I just got back from. They want me for an editorial next week and then possibly two more in a couple of months. The photo shoot next week will result in a 2 page spread that will be shown in 10 000 copies here in Rio. Not sure yet whether do to it or not, they pay is not that good, although i'm sure it would be a fun experience. We'll see what I decide..

Alright now I loaded up with a whole lot of good music, gonna make a cup of mokka coffee and then it's time to work!

Haha, never as excited about working as playing after a long time off.

Have a nice day!

måndag 8 april 2013

After a tearful goodbye yesterday, we decided to do the apartment shopping instead of partying (which bf later came to regret). We spent hours in the huge store and came back with a whole lot of stuff. Mainly stuff for my for my office, the kitchen and the living room. This place is slowly getting more and more "homey".

This is a picture of what my office looks like now! Too bad I don't have a before picture.. Anyway, i'm really happy with it and I think i'm gonna play a lot better in these surroundings. Now I just have to transfer some databases here and there, decide which computer+screen to go with and then I can finally start working!

söndag 7 april 2013

I hate goodbyes

.. and this is the worse one ever! Last night me and Femi had a goodbye-drink in Leblon. Of course we had to run into a guy I was supposed to give poker lessons to a while ago (after realizing he wanted more than that I called it off). He invited us to join him and his date (?) for some drinks, we said we might stop by later and then kept walking. After a while we found a good place to have wine and sat down. We had a lot of catching up to do and chatted for about 5 hours, it was so nice to see her again! We are both sad about the fact that we are going to be so far away from each other from now on, for years we have been glued to each others side. We both realize it's a new chapter in our life and even though it's gonna be a lot lonelier without each other near, im sure something good will come out of it. We heard before that it's hard to come close to us individually since we already have that "closeness" with each other, this way it will be easier for both of us to meet new people and get "our own" friends. We have also gotten lazy with that part, both because it takes time and effort to make new friends and because we have been disappointed so many times by friends in the past. I know that going to Holland and find stability is probably the best thing Femi can do right now, and we're just gonna have to make the best of it. We will skype often and if I miss her too much I'll just fly there and visit!

Well it's a sentimental day for both of us, in an hour it's time to drive them to the airport and say our good byes..

After dropping them off, me and bf are ether going to his friends bbq party, or we're heading to do some major shopping for the apartment.

That's all for now. On Tuesday however there is something exiting happening, if i decide to do it. Ill tell you more about then. Ciao!

fredag 5 april 2013

Slow cookin'

Good morning!

Feeling a lot better today, thank god. When I got up the pot roast had defrosted and I was able to finally use our new slow cooker! Its really popular in the paleo community, you just put meat, vegetables, spices and some broth in it, put it on low and then let it cook for 8-10 hours. After that you have a delicious and super tender meal ready with no work at all! Perfect for someone as lazy as myself.

Now I'm gonna enjoy this cup of coffee and then it's time for some poker.

Have a nice day everyone!