onsdag 27 mars 2013


Yesterday we went to Chelsea market to have breakfast. They have a lot of nice deli places, most shops and restaurants have locally produced organic food. I saw a place called Meat which seemed interesting, they had a whole counter full of nice cuts of meat and specialties such as lamb bacon. I went for a slow cooked pork belly with a side of coleslaw.

After breakfast I looked up where they have the best barista coffee in west village and found an interesting place called Third rail coffee. Right when we got there I had a major "I have to pee" attack and the cafe didn't have a restroom.. I told bf about the issue and headed out to search for a place. I found mc Donald's and casually went in line for the ladies, unfortunately an employee asked me if a was a customer and then pointed on the big sign on the door saying "only for mc Donald's customers" after realizing I didn't bring my wallet to buy a bottle of water or bribe the girl I went back out. Across the street from the cafe was an Irish pub which was my last hope. I asked the bargirl for a bottle of water, which they didn't have. Since that is he only thing I drink I was fucked. I said "thank you anyway" and headed to the door, took a U turn when she wasn't looking and ran to the ladies.

The coffee at Third rail was really good! Bf got me a full cream cappuccino, the best one I've had so far. After the coffee we went to a book shop and I bought two books, i already finished the first one I bought at the beginning of the trip. In the evening with a dinner at a slow food place called Cookshop and the. We went to the movies and saw "Olympus has fallen", which was pretty good.

Here are some pictures:

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