söndag 24 mars 2013

Yesterday on my day off we decided to go to a neighborhood called Lapa.I guess you all heard of the escadaria selaron (the famous stairs) that you can see there. The stairs where painted by an artist named Jorge Selaron.. Jorge wanted to renovate the stairs that ran along the front of his house. He decided to paint them,firstly in the brazilian flag but then as the work grew he added more colors. The work was hard but he was very devoted and the renovation became an obsession,250 steps!!Jorge came originally from Chile and had a lot of problems being threatened of eviction due to not being able to pay his house cause of his obsession with his work. All the money he spent on building and trying to finish his stairs. As the stairs got more famous people contributed with money to help him but he was never pleased enough and was never finished. He once claimed that the stairs would only be finished after his death or in his dreams and he was right. 2 months ago he was found murdered on his stairs and the murder was never caught.
I always been fascinated by history and art and was so eager to see the stairs. Unfortunately our night didn't go as planned and we never even saw the stairs. Before leaving I took a picture of the google map online with my camera.Thought it was a really clever plan not having to bring a map and look too "touristic". After running around in Lapa trying to figure out in which direction to hold the camera we finally managed to find the right street. walking around in something looking alot like a favela with weird people in every corner we we determined to find the stairs. Walking further and further seeing prostitutes and drug dealer we got a little spooky feeling. Took up the camera in a last attempt to locate the stairs when suddenly it died and it started to rain.there we where without no idea where to go,wet,hungry and my bf managed to get blisters on his feet.We decided to find a good restaurant and have a big meal and a lot of wine.After another 30 minutes of running around we located a well hidden pearl among all the turistic shit. We ordered to huge portions and a big bottle of red wine and had the best meal in a long time. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures but here is a pic of Jorge and the stairs.If you ever going to Lapa,the resturant Nova Capela is a must!

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