måndag 4 mars 2013

Unfortunately we both got kicked out so we feel a little down at the moment.It's been some difficult days for me and also for the poker. No emotional stability what so ever and crying over nothing on a regular basis.Terrible if you have downswings and pms,bless being a guy in these moments.Left the poker room with the intention to take the local bus back. After being ignored for about a half hour a bus stopped and we jumped on. No sitting places so we had to stand up among all people. The bus driver thought he was a part of a racing team and we hang on as it twisted and turned like crazy.2 hours later with a headache from hell and starving I finally reach the apartment.Found my bf doing dinner half naked and I quietly thanked god,slowly believing he does really exist... spoiled?me?damn right and feeling great about it.Just woke up by another massive headache and think I will stay in bed today too...something is clearly wrong,some well deserved rest will do me just fine...and bf,hes in the kitchen;)Love this man,truly wonderful.Think this is one of the worst pics of me u ever will see...having a wet towel wrapped around my head to calm down the pain...auch...hope u all out there feel better.

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