onsdag 6 mars 2013

todays breakfast
Goodmorning!I'm just about to start my working day,for the first time alone in the apartment. Roberto (the owner) is at work and my bf is out on his first casting in Rio.I'm enjoying the peace and quietness with a cup of coffee and some grinding.Everything is fine,we had some ups and downs this week and the headache really took out it's worst on me.But a new week and new possibilities I wrote down big goals for the coming month in poker. If I succeed I will spoil myself with a tattoo!As with everything in life you need a good start,today I started with a big breakfast a la paleo style. Almond and peanut butter pancakes with homemade yoghurt and coffee...yumm.What you fuel your body with is super important for how everything works,remember that.love you all

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