torsdag 14 mars 2013

The big apple

Tonight we are heading back to our beloved New York! I haven't prepared or packed at all, yet here i'm sitting and playing poker?! That was obviously not the plan for this morning but like a robot I went straight to the computer after waking up and started up a bunch of tables, the original plan for this morning was to go trough yesterdays hands.. After a while I realized what I was doing and unregistered for most of them and now i'm just finishing the ones I started.

I think I really need this time off. Lately both me and bf have been working so much that we barley spent time together, when we did have time we both were so beat we just crashed in bed. The heat has been pretty exhausting as well, now we have some spring-cold fresh weather to look forward to!  It wont be completely without poker though, all the cafe visiting and coffee drinking will include poker studying of course (thanks to bf's ipad).

That's all I have to update you on for now. Next time you hear from me i'll be in NYC :)

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