lördag 16 mars 2013


Good morning! Right now we're chilling in bed, eating some kale chips before its time to head out. Yesterday was a long day, we got here at 7 in the morning and couldn't check in until 15 so we killed time by going for some breakky nearby and then we chilled at the hotel couches for 3 hours. This is a really nice hotel, the lobby has a bunch of big couches and a cosy cafe. there's a lot of people coming here to work/study. After the check in we went to bf's favorite store, Apple and he bought some new toys. The great thing about him getting new toys is that I get the "old" ones, hello iPhone 4! After that we went to a deli shop and bought male chips and kombucha to have as pre breakfast snack at the hotel. We finished the evening with a big dinner at a Greek place and then we went home to sleep.

Ok time to get ready!

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