fredag 8 mars 2013

International women's day

Hello! Have been too busy working and studying to update the blog. To be honest I have been too busy to do anything but that, before this morning I hadn't left the apartment in 4 days.. This morning I woke up 8.30 which means 2 extra hours of the day (I absolutely hate being woken up so I never put an alarm). I decided that I needed some fresh air and sunshine so I went for a long power walk down to the beach and back, passed by the store and bought some stuff I've been craving lately (chocolate, cream and cheese). Now I just finished a big cup of coffee and said goodbye to bf who's heading to work.  Now i'm gonna watch the news and then the next 12 hours will be dedicated to poker.

I also want to remind you guys that it's the international women's day today! Take some time to tell the women in your life how important they are and how much you respect them. even better, show it.

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