torsdag 21 mars 2013

I wish I could bring you some amazing news and the latest gossip of the huge happenings in Rio,but in reality there isn't that much happening.I'm pleased with myself,I play poker,I work out and I eat loads of food.Thinking about it,I really don't have any extra time.Its crazy how fast a day goes by here!!!too fast actually!my lack of interest in other tings makes me spend time with my bf and play my beloved poker like a crazy one.In other words,I find it very difficult to put work into other stuff.well 2 new things has happened,we bought our own coffee maker,not a minute too late after 2 months of instant coffee!my beautiful man has also been doing some castings and he is the 1st option for a huge commercial by havainnas with the hunk Rodrigo Santoro:)I so hope he gets that one,I will follow him to the set to get a sneak of Rodrigo;)

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