onsdag 13 mars 2013

Feeling the sickness disappear from your body and getting your strength back must be one of the best things ever.I'm pleased to see my cheeks back with color,my skin glowing and my body back to it's usual me.If just the cough would give in I would be 100 perfect.The latest days been a test for me and my bf.From only been together occasionally and mostly on holidays to live together for better and worse.Latest days for worse,I mean coughing,weeping,blowing your nose,sneezing and looking like crab is not the ideal way you like to be in front of "HIM". Despite my desperate needs to be my best I'm doomed,and have to accept the fact that I'm not even half of my persona.4 days later we past the test and are still together,phew.Some confrontations,screaming and muttering is all about normal.hmmm I'm losing grip now to what I'm writing..seems that this is the extent to which my creativity runs today.Maybe I need some more rest and get fully recovered from this shit I been having the past days.the question of the day is to play or not to play poker...

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