tisdag 26 mars 2013

Back in NYC

The dinner at Annika's was really nice, filled with a lot of laughter and catching up. The next morning it was time to head back to the east coast. After a huge Swedish breakfast at Fia's we headed to the airport, this time without any flight issues.

We got here pretty late yesterday night so we headed straight for a restaurant right after checking in at The Standard. What wasn't quite as straight was the restaurant we went to, The Spotted Pig. All the waiters and at least 80% of the guest were gay. The place had a really nice vibe although Ian wasn't thrilled About the little winks and giggles that came his way, after some teasing 6 big , loud and ultra masculine women went for a table near us, it took about 2 minutes for them to start hitting on a girl having dinner with her gay friend and scream out "we are proud lesbians" (I don't think anyone had mistaken that fact anyway). We just smiled at the whole scenario and noted that we definitely were back in NYC. Shortly after that we felt like it was time to head back and go to sleep after a long day.

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