fredag 29 mars 2013

At this moment I'm now in Brazil illegal,I will have to pay the fine when I leave. Still we don't know when or where to go but as the days goes by we are getting closer to a solution that would work.I been having some rough days facing the brazilian bureaucratic stuff but as I see it I wont get any wiser hurrying into decisions that wouldn't be good for me later on. Pauline got the news while on her vacation in NY and the same rules applies for her as you all figure. I think her solution for the problem would be to apply for a student visa that would allow her to stay a year. In my case,both me and my bf are from Europe and the easiest solution now would be to go back there and start a living there.Right now we will stay here these days that we payed our living for and next week we will leave Brazil. So this week I will have a well deserved vacation and try to figure out my life:)hope you are all doing better!kiss

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