fredag 29 mars 2013

At this moment I'm now in Brazil illegal,I will have to pay the fine when I leave. Still we don't know when or where to go but as the days goes by we are getting closer to a solution that would work.I been having some rough days facing the brazilian bureaucratic stuff but as I see it I wont get any wiser hurrying into decisions that wouldn't be good for me later on. Pauline got the news while on her vacation in NY and the same rules applies for her as you all figure. I think her solution for the problem would be to apply for a student visa that would allow her to stay a year. In my case,both me and my bf are from Europe and the easiest solution now would be to go back there and start a living there.Right now we will stay here these days that we payed our living for and next week we will leave Brazil. So this week I will have a well deserved vacation and try to figure out my life:)hope you are all doing better!kiss

torsdag 28 mars 2013

Today was the day that I was going to get a tiny stamp in my passport to allow me to stay 3 more months as a "tourist". In my mind it worked perfectly,I would go to the immigration police,blink a little,get some smiles and then a stamp.Reality seems to disappoint me more nowadays than before. Firstly Brazilian immigration don't work easier if you are a swedish cute blond,sigh, disappointing. Second they don't care a shit if you love brazil or whatever you claim,the follow a law. For me it's difficult to see how the Brazilian bureaucracy is geared towards us tourists....I mean isn't it fabulous that I want to stay longer and spend money here?I felt completely mistreated and still I don't get why I need to leave Brazil and stay out of the country 90!!!??!!days.To make it worse I have 2 days to pack my stuff and no I'm not in a good mood.right now I really don't know what to do.thanks a lot brazil.

onsdag 27 mars 2013


Yesterday we went to Chelsea market to have breakfast. They have a lot of nice deli places, most shops and restaurants have locally produced organic food. I saw a place called Meat which seemed interesting, they had a whole counter full of nice cuts of meat and specialties such as lamb bacon. I went for a slow cooked pork belly with a side of coleslaw.

After breakfast I looked up where they have the best barista coffee in west village and found an interesting place called Third rail coffee. Right when we got there I had a major "I have to pee" attack and the cafe didn't have a restroom.. I told bf about the issue and headed out to search for a place. I found mc Donald's and casually went in line for the ladies, unfortunately an employee asked me if a was a customer and then pointed on the big sign on the door saying "only for mc Donald's customers" after realizing I didn't bring my wallet to buy a bottle of water or bribe the girl I went back out. Across the street from the cafe was an Irish pub which was my last hope. I asked the bargirl for a bottle of water, which they didn't have. Since that is he only thing I drink I was fucked. I said "thank you anyway" and headed to the door, took a U turn when she wasn't looking and ran to the ladies.

The coffee at Third rail was really good! Bf got me a full cream cappuccino, the best one I've had so far. After the coffee we went to a book shop and I bought two books, i already finished the first one I bought at the beginning of the trip. In the evening with a dinner at a slow food place called Cookshop and the. We went to the movies and saw "Olympus has fallen", which was pretty good.

Here are some pictures:

the view from my office 
we been out all day running around in the neighborhoods here.Got to see the neighborhood of Botafogo which was a nice and luminous area that we both liked. Botafogo is also less expensive to live in compared to Copa,Ipanema and Leblon which are the most expensive ones. Livining in Rio is much more expensive than I ever could imagine,if you want to find a good price you have to look hard!!Tonight it's rainy and the pub from down the street plays brazilian music.It's kind of cozy,I'm playing my last tourneys and will have a nice movie night tonight!

tisdag 26 mars 2013

Back in NYC

The dinner at Annika's was really nice, filled with a lot of laughter and catching up. The next morning it was time to head back to the east coast. After a huge Swedish breakfast at Fia's we headed to the airport, this time without any flight issues.

We got here pretty late yesterday night so we headed straight for a restaurant right after checking in at The Standard. What wasn't quite as straight was the restaurant we went to, The Spotted Pig. All the waiters and at least 80% of the guest were gay. The place had a really nice vibe although Ian wasn't thrilled About the little winks and giggles that came his way, after some teasing 6 big , loud and ultra masculine women went for a table near us, it took about 2 minutes for them to start hitting on a girl having dinner with her gay friend and scream out "we are proud lesbians" (I don't think anyone had mistaken that fact anyway). We just smiled at the whole scenario and noted that we definitely were back in NYC. Shortly after that we felt like it was time to head back and go to sleep after a long day.

måndag 25 mars 2013

So I'm up for some poker,worked out,ate breakfast,cooked dinner and saw a poker movie. My boyfriend is at his agency,Roberto(the owner of our apartment) is at work and I am soon to begin. Have this huge cup of coffee I will drink and enjoy all by myself.My visa will expire on Thursday so I will head to the airport in 2 days to get a new stamp.Hopefully without any problems!My bf will probably get a working visa for a year so I guess Rio will be our home for some time:)


The Swedish chain H&M (that I'm sure all of you know) has choose Vanessa Paradis as their new face for the spring collection.I'm not a big fan of fashion and design,but I really do love both H&M and Vanessa. She is so beautiful and I'm happy to see they chose a woman not a young girl this time!Too bad H&M don't exist here in Brazil or any other country in south america...


After some flight issues and long waits we finally got to San Diego. It is so nice to be back here! It's time for us to get ready for dinner at Annika's place so I can't write a big update, instead I'll give you a photobomb from our time in California so far :)

söndag 24 mars 2013

Yesterday on my day off we decided to go to a neighborhood called Lapa.I guess you all heard of the escadaria selaron (the famous stairs) that you can see there. The stairs where painted by an artist named Jorge Selaron.. Jorge wanted to renovate the stairs that ran along the front of his house. He decided to paint them,firstly in the brazilian flag but then as the work grew he added more colors. The work was hard but he was very devoted and the renovation became an obsession,250 steps!!Jorge came originally from Chile and had a lot of problems being threatened of eviction due to not being able to pay his house cause of his obsession with his work. All the money he spent on building and trying to finish his stairs. As the stairs got more famous people contributed with money to help him but he was never pleased enough and was never finished. He once claimed that the stairs would only be finished after his death or in his dreams and he was right. 2 months ago he was found murdered on his stairs and the murder was never caught.
I always been fascinated by history and art and was so eager to see the stairs. Unfortunately our night didn't go as planned and we never even saw the stairs. Before leaving I took a picture of the google map online with my camera.Thought it was a really clever plan not having to bring a map and look too "touristic". After running around in Lapa trying to figure out in which direction to hold the camera we finally managed to find the right street. walking around in something looking alot like a favela with weird people in every corner we we determined to find the stairs. Walking further and further seeing prostitutes and drug dealer we got a little spooky feeling. Took up the camera in a last attempt to locate the stairs when suddenly it died and it started to rain.there we where without no idea where to go,wet,hungry and my bf managed to get blisters on his feet.We decided to find a good restaurant and have a big meal and a lot of wine.After another 30 minutes of running around we located a well hidden pearl among all the turistic shit. We ordered to huge portions and a big bottle of red wine and had the best meal in a long time. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures but here is a pic of Jorge and the stairs.If you ever going to Lapa,the resturant Nova Capela is a must!

lördag 23 mars 2013

Unexpected visit to Los Angeles

The airline messed up so our flight to San Diego was delayed and we missed our connection. All they could offer us was a flight next day at 7 am, some poor refunds or a flight to Los Angeles. We picked the latter and now we're sitting at a restaurant in Hollywood about to have dinner with Ian's DJ friends. We were supposed to see them yesterday in San Diego but luckily they are playing in La tonight. It's gonna be so nice to see then perform! Unfortunately our bags are already in San Diego so we had to do some last minute shopping for tonight. Tomorrow we're heading to San Diego, at least we get two days with my aunts and cousins :) here are some pics from today and our nice hotel room!

torsdag 21 mars 2013

I wish I could bring you some amazing news and the latest gossip of the huge happenings in Rio,but in reality there isn't that much happening.I'm pleased with myself,I play poker,I work out and I eat loads of food.Thinking about it,I really don't have any extra time.Its crazy how fast a day goes by here!!!too fast actually!my lack of interest in other tings makes me spend time with my bf and play my beloved poker like a crazy one.In other words,I find it very difficult to put work into other stuff.well 2 new things has happened,we bought our own coffee maker,not a minute too late after 2 months of instant coffee!my beautiful man has also been doing some castings and he is the 1st option for a huge commercial by havainnas with the hunk Rodrigo Santoro:)I so hope he gets that one,I will follow him to the set to get a sneak of Rodrigo;)

onsdag 20 mars 2013

Meatballs and California

After a huge meatball breakfast we're now having some coffee in soho/nolita, this cafe is really cosy and they are only playing 60's music. We stopped by Zara before coming here and bf did some major shopping.

This morning we got a little impulsive and booked flights to California! It's about time to visit my dear aunts in San Diego :) Bf's DJ friends are having a concert there tomorrow which we are gonna go to as well. Im really looking forward to this mini weekend!

Wonderful night

Yesterday evening was so nice! First we went to see a broadway play called "A cat on a hot tin roof" starring Scarlett Johansson and Benjamin Walker, we loved it. The best thing about it was that we had front row seats and could literally touch the stage, sitting 5 meters away from these renowned actors for 3 hours was pretty cool. So weird seeing her up close like that after seeing her in so many movies, felt a little unreal. And Benjamin Walker, wow he was looking mighty fine.. The whole first act he just wore a towel hehe..

After broadway I wanted to treat my wonderful boyfriend with a little somethin' somethin' so I took him to a Swedish Michelin restaurant called Aquavit. The food was amazing, the best we had in New York so far! We had a loot of dishes and finished with just as many desserts haha. If you're interested in the menu I'll post a pic of it below.

Now we are gonna go to a restaurant called The Meatballshop, where you create your own Meatball dishes based on some core things on the menu. I heard its good and different so it will be interesting!

tisdag 19 mars 2013

I just got kicked out of 5 tournaments in 25 minutes,and thought I give you a good recepie while waiting for my next tourney in 5 minutes.This is a quick and easy dish to do if you don't have much time for cocking but still want something that fills you up.My boyfriend does the best one so I will give you the instructions he invented.
fry eggplant+onion+garlic,until nice and soft. Add 4 eggs and let it fry on medium heat until it's thick. Add cheese,tomatoes,salt n pepper. Put everything in the oven until cheese is melted and crispy.Serve and enjoy:)


After brunch we went to the Guggenheim museum, not really my kind of art but it was nice to at least have seen it. Now we just stopped by the Ugg store and bought a pair each, they're soo comfy!

Ian didn't get enough of shoe shopping so now he's heading to Nike, I however only felt like sitting at my favorite place, Fika that is, and do some people watching which is exactly what I'm gonna do!

Yesterday night we went to a slow food restaurant called Blue Hill (which my phone keeps changing Blue Bill, haha). It was good, I had a veal liver Terrine for starter and then grassfed lamb for entrée. Today it's raining so we decided to have brunch at the hotel restaurant instead of going out looking for a place. Our cappuccinos just got here so now it's time to wake up for real!

Ciao for now!

måndag 18 mars 2013

The grey dog

This morning we had a big breakfast at The grey dog, a really nice place! I had a Paleo burger with sweet potato fries which was delicious. Another pro was that there was only cute skater boys working there haha.. After that we went for a walk around the West village. It's pretty cold today so right now we're warming up with cappuccinos at Joes coffee. Here's some pics from today

Today we went to a nice tavern for brunch and then headed for some birthday shopping. After that we went to see a movie called Dead man down, I really recommend it! Now we are back at the hotel taking it easy, we're still a little beat from yesterday. Didn't take many pictures today, only of the food we ate :)

söndag 17 mars 2013

Sunday came very fast,this week in fact went pretty fast.I really don't know what we been up too latest. Yesterday we decided to try some Arabic food down the corner!85reais (30 euro)for a dish for 2 and 2 glasses of wine,pretty fantastic.We where so hungry that we forgot taking a pic of the food.But here we are satisfied just after our meal(always weird too take pics of ureself,the result of our stiff smiles).Today it's raining and I'm grinding the last hours of Sunday.Today I will win the big 75k on micro,just saying...having this feeling:)

Birthday boy

Yesterday we started out at a Brazilian bar where we met Ians childhood friend. After some glasses of wine, whiskey shots and a lot of catching up we went to a bigger bar and met even more of Ians friends, by then I made the wise choice to stop drinking. Babe however, didn't and is today down with the alcohol flu.. We'll see when he can get out of bed and where i'll take him for a nice birthday breakfast :)


The day

After the fika I went shopping and bf went back to the Apple store. After some individual shopping time we went to Ruby Tuesday to have lunch, New York Strip Steak with sweet potato fries and asparagus.

Now we just got ready and are about to head out to meet bf's friends, today it's the birthday of one of them and bf's birthday is tomorrow so we are gonna celebrate them both!

lördag 16 mars 2013

New follower

Proud to be one of the 20 people Moneymaker is following on instagram! Bf's comment on this:"Tss, it's because he thinks you're hot, not because you're friends". Men..