måndag 4 februari 2013

zipping on the last of my coffee,smelling the fresh air of rain.Just got kicked out from 4 tourneys in the speed of 10 minutes,one minute you're in next you're out,like the hundreds of tv reality shows.the shows where people get measured by their beauty or their sexuality,why don't they ever do a show where you compete in poker?been watching a new serie online,called revenge. A girl takes revenge on everyone that ever did her or her family wrong.Interesting how hatred can consume people until there's nothing left but loneliness  so many people I could hate and dwell and blame for all the injustice,I choose not too.I'm committed to make the rest of my life as good as I can, don't let other people push me down. genuinely isn't that was life is all about,be as happy as possible?how hard can it be?Last months been a struggle but what do we do without hope and a positive attitude.bless karma

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