fredag 1 februari 2013

Study day

Not playing today, I have to fix the Holdem manager and calm down a bit from all the stressors that has been disrupting my play. Instead I'm mixing some poker studying with going deeply into fixing HM and emailing support/posting in forums to get help with it. To be able to play poker for a living it is important to get as much hands (play as much tournaments) in as possible during a week/month but I'd rather play feeling a 100% than being tilted and play for the sake of adding hands. I miss playing at my best which hasn't been the case lately. Hopefully I'll solve the issue today and come back full of new info and energy!

1 kommentar:

  1. I had exactly same problem with Microgaming when I started to play there. Unfortunately I can't remember how I fixed it.. But I had HM1.

    What do you think about HM2? Better than HM1? Thinking should I upgrade to it.