söndag 3 februari 2013

playing live in Rio

Yesterday all of a sudden we decided to play a live tournament here in Rio. Pauline that was sick all morning refused to lay in bed when there was poker waiting,strong girl :)We found the address jumped in a cab and after an hour found the location. The taxi driver left us in the middle of the main road vaguely pointing his fingers at a shut down mall and left in a hurry. The cars where honking at us while we tried not to panic knowing we had exactly 5 minutes to get there.Asking 10 different people about the exact location and no-one knew where it was. But shame the one who gives up,after 20 minutes of confusion we found a hidden local in the back of the mall,bingo!It was like stepping into an old mexican movie being the alien. Noone spoke english and despite our attempts in portuguese the didn't get us. Finally a guy came to our rescue and he explained that indeed there was a tournament and we where very welcome to play.

In a second the place was crowded with Brazilian men and they all looked at us,two skinny blond girls(the only girls in fact).As the tournament started my emotions was put under control and I managed to play some hands. As Pauline wrote yesterday the guys where playing very loose,very loose. With that said I could take advantages in many situations,but I got a little to happy with my hand of KK and called a guy that hit A on the river.I'm not defending my bad play but I was unlucky;)anyway just after that hand the presenter of the tournament asked me to come,they stopped the time of the TV screens and the whole tournament was paused.
Pauline was called up on stage aswell and I looked at her all confused...what the f---k.What many of you don't know is that Pauline every now and then pull small pranks on me. Putting me on stage,having me embarrassed to have a good laugh.So my gut feeling was that this was one of them,until I saw her nervous face.The presenter started to talk in Portuguese and I saw all the faces in the crowd staring at us. (oh shit) the guy that spoke English translated and as I heard him I got all red and shaking. - guys,this is the first time we have 2 Swedish girls here with us.And after some research I will let you all know that a matter of fact these girls are poker professionals!I smiled a corny smile and was to embarrassed to say anything when they gave me the mice. -ehm hey,Eufemia then I gave Pauline the mice. There where applause and whistles and it was so surreal. But all I could think of was the bad hand I just played and how I had told everyone at the table that I was a struggling student trying to learn Portuguese ...yep,my cover was blown.After the humiliation scene we went and played again. Unluckily I got kicked out at level 6 and Pauline at level 11.But I don't need to tell you we had a blast,writing autographs and taking pictures.And yes,we will absolutely be back;)

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