onsdag 13 februari 2013

my favorite spot to drink my morning coffee
waking up here in this beautiful country every morning is a true gift.We live so close to the beach that you hear the waves every morning,although it's been hard to hear due to all the noise of the carneval lately.  Sleeping with a window open to let the warm light of the sun wake you up.Eating fresh tropical fruits and just take a walk along the beach before work.This is life.I'm so thankful for every minute I can experience this.I dreamed of this place for years and now I'm finally living it.What are we without our dreams?mThe guy who owns the apartment that we are renting a room from is a movie director from Holland. He speaks several languishes and is very wise and easy going. He promised to help N in his search for work and knows many people in the business. I'm hoping that he will find work here,I really want to stay in rio:)

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