lördag 16 februari 2013

It seemed that the world including the internet was going to end yesterday.The tv news talked about a huge meteoir crushing down in Russia,another almost collide with the earth while in south africa a guy killed his girlfriend on valentines day.An inordinate amount of coincidence,everything happening while our internet connection completely went gone and all I wanted to do was playing poker.I'ts incredible how dependent we are on internet and how empty my life would be without it.This multimillion business,low enough for everyone tu use but big enough to turn enormous profit. This huge world that has answers and pictures of everything,internet is fascinating. There is an unlimited source of knowledge and it's out there for everyone too see. But we easily forget our own world and how much we have too see that we just don't ever get the time to. All these amazing countries and this unbelievable history just infront of our eyes,we can even touch it.People have another kind of wisdom nowadays compared to years before. Now you can read your way to everything,almost everyone now knows how the pyramids in Egypt look like,but have they ever been there?Have they ever smell the air on the oldest building created by man or ever touch the stones that been touch by thousand others for thousands of years?Are you really satisfied with a picture or a text information on the web?I'm not,I want to travel the world,I want to see everything and not just read about it on a webpage created by someone to make money.Experience is wisdom.Curiosity is a good start.
Egypt 2005.

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