tisdag 26 februari 2013

Im getting a bit jealous reading the posts of Pauline,BA used to be our home for the latest years and I do miss it every now and then. But nevemind,Rio is really a wonderful place to live in. I'm spending the days eating food,working out and playing poker. The poker goes up and down and I'm going to take it more easy today with just 1 table too regain my focus.The late evenings I spent curled up with my boyfriend watching a movie or walking along the beach board getting fresh sea breeze. The side effect of this easy living caused me too be more than lazy,tonight we slept 12?!!hours.Also the effects of this huge heat wave in Rio is causing us to slow down. Sleeping in a room with more than 25 degrees with aircon on!and still being hot is making us really tired,rain please come!My body is a bit confused after 2 weeks of regular training,since I always tend to stop after 10 days....but I can proudly say I've been a good girl:)My bf posted this picture 5 days ago just before an early powerwalk. He thought it was a nice pic,I totally reject but it's a bit funny...I'm complaining but look happy ready to do a powerwalk 9am!phew.

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