torsdag 14 februari 2013

I used to write in this blog a lot,during bad days and good days,as an reminder for the future me. It was never supposed to be written for anyone else but I'm glad that people like what I write,though it can be a bit confusing sometimes. Despite my best efforts things been a bigger struggle than usual lately .. my life is changing in so many ways now that it would be a completely waste not to write even though I'm crazy tired all the time. Things are getting better each day and at this moment I'm so much happier than I been in a long time.Some times you forget how beautiful your life really is and you see the bad things to easy.I'm now in a stage in my life where I merrily imagining my future and the people involving in it.As with everything in life,if you are willing to work for something it most certainly can be yours.Sometimes it's just hard to see all the hard work you put down and it feels like nothing is changing,when in fact everything is different. It's all how you look at things and how you appreciate the present.I don't know if you understand any of the things I write but for some reason I just need to write something without any bigger thought tonight.

Here is another thing without a bigger thought,this picture of me and N.I like it even though I look like I just did something bad and N is posing his pants off:)but anyway,it makes me happy.

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