tisdag 5 februari 2013

I just came back from a walk in town,running some errands and getting my usual coffee at starbucks. In the supermarket a guy was flirting a lot and I try not to give him too much attentions...he told me I was really beautiful and that I looked like Nicole Kidman...sigh...I know I should take it as a compliment,no hard feelings Nicole but you are much older than me... that's the only problem.Speaking of lookalikes,we all have one or have been told we looked like someone.When I was a child people thought I looked like the Olsen twins,and there I really see the resemblance  Nowadays unfortunately I don't look a lot like them,but strangely Pauline really has some features that reminds me of them. Niclas was pure blond and curly as a child,he looked like one of the small angels you see in pictures.Pauline often hear that she looks like a young birgitte bardoux or Michelle Phieffer.Me on the other hand heard everything from Nicole Kidman,Kirsten Dunst too Courtney Love,hmmm Cortney Love...that guy must have been really wasted.

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