fredag 22 februari 2013

Day 7

Had another nice and sunny morning+afternoon here in Ba. I got up pretty early and went to get my hair done, a lady which I'd guess was named Berta did my hair. She had no sense of compassion,with a vicious smile she pulled, picked and abused my hair and scalp, I think she actually enjoyed seeing some tears streaming down my face.

After the torture I went to Marks again, their espresso beats Starbucks by far. After having my dose of caffeine I went to a park to chill a little, and so I did, far beyond what I'd planned. I fell asleep under the sun and didn't wake up until two hours later. As a result I got about 100 new freckles and a "reddish" tone, oh how very lovely..

Tonight the Swedish girls, Tuti and some of Martis friends are coming over. There will be some serious wine drinking, music listening and girl talking going on!

Now I'm gonna drink some tea and study a little. In an hour we are going to one of my favorite restaurants here, an Arab place called "Sarkis". I absolutely love Arab food!


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